Allonus and Joy Wisdom Trust is attending the Integrated Personalised Medicine congress

A congress open to professionals 

Date 6-8th June at QEII centre on the Themes near Big Ben 

Looking forward to seeing you at this progressive congress/conference

Love Joy

CPD Approved

We are pleased to announce that Allonus has achieved high commitment and accreditation for professionals as part of our advancement and development program. We have surpassed CPD standards, setting a new standard of training for professionals and practitioners.


Start your learning journey with our live online training

Allonus provides excellence in training and supports students, healers and practitioners at all levels of tuition, foundation to masterclass. Providing share evenings, get-togethers plus tutorial days for extra learning advancement.

Joy Wisdom

Founder of Allonus, providing holistic therapies training that's designed to be different.

As a founder, teacher, mentor, author, and speaker, Joy has an extensive professional background in holistic therapies and two decades of specialist experience and knowledge. Allonus pioneers new approaches in education, health disorders, mental and emotional issues.


    D.A.R.E is a new cutting edge ‘HeARt’ centred therapy. To provide health and wellbeing courses, we need to look at all aspects of an individual’s health issues, including physical, biological, emotional and mental health disorders.

    Dissolve and Resolve Emotions 

    LiGht Healing is the VIP of Healing. It uses an advanced high-vibrational Power of 3 support package with Solar Chakra and LiGht body activation. The result is deep relaxation, and self growth to reduce anxiety and stress free living.

    Light Healing 

    Want health and wellness courses online? Purchase reference books, meditations, DVDs, CDs, digital downloads and gift vouchers. Some free downloadable content is available.

  • Christine T.

    I would highly recommend these workshops to anyone. I have attended all the varied workshops that Allonus has on offer. The amount that is able to be cleared on these workshops is phenomenal.


  • Michelle E.

    I have attended a few workshops and will continue to do so. The active clearing on the light healing workshops are amazing. I would highly recommend all courses all Allonus has to offer.


  • Una M.

    I am constantly amazed at the standard of content and teaching Joy offers. As well as learning new techniques at each course, we receive healing at deep levels.



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