Allonus CPD Accreditation

Announcement of International status in CPD training for Allonus

We are pleased to announce that Allonus has achieved high commitment and accreditation for professionals as part of our advancement and development program. We have surpassed CPD standards, setting a new standard of training for professionals and practitioners.

Allonus has joined the respected CPD standards group to bring our CPD cutting edge proficiency in professional training to international level.

Allonus actively adapts to the changing times, continuously striving to meet the evolving standards in professional training. Allonus pioneers new standards in education and training, offering a holistic vision for health and wellbeing accreditation.

CPD standards group are widely recognised and respected CPD accreditors both within the UK and globe, assisting Allonus in validation as a company but also accrediting our large cutting-edge portfolio for personal growth, practitioners advanced training and professional packages raising the bar on Allonus training and development achievements. 

Providing the 'ZEST of Life' training and D.A.R.E practitioners Mind-Body integrated Therapy programmes to enhance training for students and professionals.

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