The Allonus Story

Founding Allonus

Allonus was founded by Joy Wisdom in 2009: to include three arms of training. Advanced combination Body-Mind-Emotional approaches for Practitioners, Self–development/personal development plans: VIP LiGht Healing programme.  Joy offers mentoring and personal development workshops, Seminars, Talks, a humanitarian Speaker.

  1. Dissolve and Resolve Emotions – (D.A.R.E) the Body-Wise specialist Intuitive practitioner's training, including new solutions, to generational memories/transference. Championing new approaches to mental and emotional wellbeing, self growth, improving health prevention and avoidance.  
  • Induction – Self-development transformational training (launched 2005), A whole programme of excellence; extraordinary learning about generational memories and mental/ emotional health and transference. Since become a new science of interest, proving the emotional corruption through holocaust survivors, passing on their dominant fears to further generations. Advances on cultural influences and historical harsh living that plagues society. Prevention, enhances life skills, healing the past scripting new futures.
  • Allonus Light healing programme: A programme of unique healing methods that nurtures and supports clients and practitioners. Cuts through stress improves daily wellbeing, with support package training.


Joy's Journey

As a clinical practitioner in various modalities, Joy knew there was something missing in her training. Trained by some of the best at the time. A nagging feeling of not getting deep enough to make a lasting difference for her clients. She started a quest of self growth to find answers and found many things not covered in her own training. Her health and wellbeing courses now specialise in women’s and children’s health issues, mental health, and emotional health disorders. Stress management was an important factor – Joy could talk all day how to reduce stress, yet it did not stop the inner biological surges or outcomes. Joy shares her extensive experience and knowledge with students, provides excellence in holistic training online, CPD approved a registered training with CMA. No previous experience required.

Allonus' D.A.R.E programme has grown in great ways. Foundation to Masterclass includes nine ‘specialist intermediate’ levels, includes new ‘Ultra’ and ‘Retro’ solutions for faster response to disorders such as: Abuse, Mental Health, Birth Trauma, etc.    

Allonus was born in 2010 yet had taken five years to create to a point of teaching others with mind body therapy training to help suffers with psychological and emotional issues. Cutting edge combination therapy to reach the core issues, whether generated from the individual or elsewhere. Depression and anxiety can be underlying from birth or even the womb. After a decade we have made great strides in training, education, awakening to new approaches giving hope and new understanding to our traumas and adverse living outcomes.  Holistic training online workshops and tutorials are for people to learn how to avoid and prevent, improve their wellbeing and health with practical understanding and new visions on life. Join the growing band of pioneers helping humanity evolve to better living options. 

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