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About Joy Wisdom

Joy Wisdom, inspirational speaker, author (3-books), leading light with new visions on health and psychological issues. 25 years professional practitioner experience. Teaching, mentoring, and tutoring since 2005. Shares specialist knowledge and extensive professional experience.

Joy trained in various holistic and clinical professional modalities. including Stress management, Cranio Sacral practitioner. Specialised in bigger picture women and children’s health disorders.  Including maternity issues, pregnancy loss and birth trauma for both mother and child. Maternal psychological disorders, depression, anxiety, PND and PTSD.

A.C.E adverse trauma, worked with children ADHD and Autism. Psychosomoto specialist of mind and emotion influences (all ages).


Joy’s millennial quest identified various psychological influences, with a much bigger picture of cause and effect to mental health. Maternal psychological issues are underestimated and linked with womb formation. Identifying mothers’ emotional health during pregnancy, bonding issues, neglect, and key hormone imbalances (including Oxytocin deficiency) as underlying factors in psychological issues, social and personal mental health outcomes anxiety, vulnerability, and insecurity.

Book themes

  1. Pregnancy and Birth A New Generation
  2. Shell of Soul
  3. Mirror Image
  4. (Coming soon) Supporting and empowering women in menopause.

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Various you tube videos on books and various body-mind-emotion health themes.

Founded Allonus 2010: Innovative personal and professional holistic approaches. Integrated clinical skills for practitioners, professionals in health industry. Celebrating 23 years of success.

Joy Wisdom training promotes specialist education on new approaches to whole body wellbeing, preventative psychological, emotional issues. Education brings enlightenment understanding and avoidance goals.

Joy Wisdom Trust 2020 (not for profit) women’s children’s health platform

Joy’s passion grew on psychological issues, women’s, children’s disorders, and menopause. Founded JWT Education with practical health support, for couples and parents. Teaching New approaches with preventative support, empowering women health platform.

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