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I would highly recommend these workshops to anyone. I have attended all of the varied workshops that Allonus has to offer. The amount that is able to be cleared on these workshops is phenomenal – not just on a personal level but at a bigger picture level as well, including clearing one’s lineage and culture.

The workshops themselves have a good balance between theory and practice. What you gain from them is priceless. On a personal level I have achieved things that I didn’t think were possible from cuddling a white lion cub to obtaining clarity and peace of mind, learning to work from the heart rather than the head and my creative skills are blossoming.

Unlike most other modalities, Joy gives her students continuous support and comes from a place of unconditional love. It is an honour and a privilege to be able to help others turn their lives around with the new skills and techniques I have learned and to be on this amazing journey of self discovery.

– Christine T.


I have attended a few workshops and will continue to do so. The active clearing on the light healing workshops are amazing. I would highly recommend all courses all Allonus has to offer.

 Michelle E. Affinity Lighthealing & Wellbeing


I have attended numerous courses and workshops with Joy Wisdom in the many aspects of the Allonus LiGHt Healing Programme. I am constantly amazed at the standard of content and teaching Joy offers. As well as learning new techniques at each course, we receive healing at deep levels.

Despite my attendance at the courses and many healing sessions, I find it difficult to express the enormity and profundity of the modality she has devised. It is very different to any other course I have undertaken before.

I highly recommend Allonus courses and workshops to anyone wishing to train in a transformative modality, making a positive difference to mankind and planet earth.

– Una M.


I recently attended a talk by Joy in Chesterfield, Derbyshire. Having experienced a few DARE sessions myself and my son too, I thought I would like to find out more.

Joy is inspiring, gentle and knowledgeable in her approach to the services she provides, and I left the evening with more knowledge and a heightened understanding of the vast rage of services available.

Joy was generous with her time and spoke at length with me after the talk… If you get the opportunity to hear Joy speak, have a treatment, or work with Joy: grab it with both hands.

– Elaine M. Inspiring Women Together


I have done Secrets and Diamond Inguz and can thoroughly recommend them. If you want to understand and love yourself better these are the courses for you to give you a better understanding and grounding in who you are and who you can be.

Joy is unique in the realm of alternative medicine offering a healing that deals with all aspects of the Human - mind body soul and spirit in a way that is understandable and achievable. It does not require rigourous or religious change of lifestyle, diet or exercise but is a gently holistic approach to appreciating who you are and why you are here.

If you want to challenge yourself and your thought process you will enjoy these courses and obtain a lot of happiness from them for you, your future and your family. Transform your thoughts and transform your life with SECRETS of life and Diamond Ingus Light Healing. I hope you get from it the energy, light and transformation I did.

– Anna D.


My recommendation for Allonus courses could not be high enough. It is truly life changing for people and their loved ones. This is what is needed for the times we are living in and those to come. DARE as a therapy is extremely high vibrational and Joy's vision is radical, impressive and much needed especially regarding IGTA (Inherited Generational Trauma and Absorption)

– Catherine A.

Some feedback on the Perfectionism Course. This was the best course I have ever undertaken in my life. I learned so much about my tendency to be "perfect" all the time. Perfectionism was really just judgment in action, judgment against myself and against others. I learned that perfectionism is the result of and not a cause in itself. That gave me hope. The real cause is thinking, emotions and belief systems. It comes from a place of not accepting things as they are. It comes from a place of powerlessness. I learned to step into my own power by letting go of many "issues" that were holding me back. The issues themselves were not the problem, it was the holding on. My mind is now much more peaceful and calmer. I still sometimes fall back into the old habitual way of thinking, but not for long. This course is a life changer. It's perfect!!!

- Diarmuid F.


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