Collection: DARE - Induction

We only know the world we live in, unaware of escape routes to better living lying dormant, with abundant new living experiences, kindness and compassion that awaits. Finding YOU. We don’t know what we live until it is GONE! Receive the LIGHT bulb moments. Find the authentic self with ground breaking combination approaches to education, daily re-modelling… scripting NEW App for Life. Enjoy the Dyson effect of removal and cleansing at deep levels. Realignment to Inner treasure and abundance. We have advances to tap into,  for advancement.  Why Wait when you can have it all NOW! D.A.R.E Induction is a personal development and transformational 4-day programme to help you find you. Goes beyond mindfulness, cutting edge core approaches to ditch old behaviour, step off the treadmill of same old. Are you birthing or destroying, perpetuating in  life. Do you live in daily fog? Do you know what you desire? Find out how to achieve, prevent and enhance yourself and life. Programme gives exhilarating skills for life. Daily transformation and LiGht bulb moments to happiness.