Opalescence feedback - A piece of more information for Power of 3 by Joy Wisdom

Did you want to receive new horizons from the most exquisite energy and highest caliber?

Join us for the Power-of-3 LIGHT Healing programme.


Stage 2 Opalescence This 3-day programme is awesome, incredible and astounding what is included and achieved. An advanced LIGHt Healing programme. The unique gifts of this programme are powerful and extraordinary opening individuals to live from their SOLAR chakras. A Tri HeART centre.

Reunited to their sacred twin. The twin soul reunion is blissfully received.


The LiGHt of Transition is a different level of energetic correction for you and SOUL. 

Clearing SOUL IMPACTS. Meet Ascended Masters of LIGHt

Quan Yin and Divine feminine

Sekhmet and Lions Gate evolution.

Connection to the 9th dimension and Royal Lion Guardians



So beautiful I didn’t want to leave

I can’t speak … so powerful, nurturing, so loving

White LiGht so powerful,

Relaxed and peaceful

I felt a waterfall of love

Blissed out – exquisite

Amazing, sacred and powerful

Goose bumping – I felt the majesty of the Sekhmet


Start your journey to profound and amazing with Diamond Inguz LiGHt Healing (DILH)

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