Sticks and stones will break my bones, words will continually break my heart!

Society were saddened to hear of another celebrity (Love Island presenter Caroline Flack) had taken her own life. Highlighting no matter what it looks like from the outside, people from all walks of life are suffering from bouts of depression. Overwhelmed with what is happening in their lives and cannot cope with the outcomes. Highlighting media coverage has become brutal to get the headlines. Indeed, we have seen a big downturn in media messages over the last 30 years. 

Unfortunately, media and TV has become more violent, shocking with both words and actions. In truth is words linger, repeat, festers in both mind and emotions.  Soap programmes are full of drama, back biting, and unkindness. I gave up on this kind of TV watching a long time ago, realising I felt depressed watching.  

The same with gossip magazines : TV and media feeds negativity and depression.  For me the reality programmes are the same… mostly negative. I don’t want to watch someone making a fool of themselves, being ridiculed…. People mirror what they see, becoming addictive to undermining, bitchiness and aggressive response. Selective viewing is necessary these days! 

Words can breed contempt. Today we are continually fed negative news: Watching and hearing negativity feeds depression and anxiety. We have become more addicted to shock and drama instead of the good, kind and positive.  Facebook and internet can be a good thing. People have used it to show their secret inner world of sensitivity and sharing their truth and hurts. However, posts can be misconstrued just like texts, used against us in job applications and society judging. Internet posts and responses can be very hurtful. People respond who don’t know us… judge, ridicule and jealous. Hurting and leaving great wounds on an emotional level affecting self-esteem and self-confidence. 

Social media is remote. We are disconnected to the person we are texting or tweeting: we don’t look them in the eye. Therefore, become disengaged from the person we are connecting to. It means nothing dropping a bombshell or negativity delivered just because we are in a bad mood or want to back bite! We don’t register the recipients dismay or hurt when delivered. Energetically being blown apart, equal to all our electrical wiring being cut…. House in darkness all fuses blown… Heart affected by the literal emotional punch delivered v internet.

In the spotlight of internet, Twitter, Facebook, You Tube and TV the bombardment of spotlight and criticism can be overwhelming… no peace from the media circus and public demand.  Celebs may be adored and liked, yet fans can be demanding a piece of the merchandise, which spotlight provides. From celebs, presenters to sports fans media coverage can be daunting.  Media and TV have made them famous; it is a two-way street of marketing and reward…. Yet we seem to have got to the stage of pound of flesh and watch them squirm as the best option to report. I think it is fair to say we have had our belly full of emotional and psychological marketing programmes. Realising we need to change our perspectives to more equality and kindness. Rather than shock and negativity.

In the spotlight demands are ongoing. 24/7 of immaculate hair, dress and actions are demanded, the illusion must not fall. When in reality we all have our bad hair day! An impossible task to perform.

Certainly, more people are becoming aware of the situation around Caroline Flack suicide. It seems to have hit a nerve within society. People are starting to talk about kindness, the falseness of gossip and glossy magazines etc. being harmful for our emotions.  Any kind of gossip is damaging. I teach my students ‘If you have nothing good to say… say nothing’ Would you like that being said about you? Think before you speak!

Mindfulness and personal responsibility are the key to avoid and prevent. The buzz word for the last decade… ‘mindfulness’ is not enough to prevent. 

From my point of view mindfulness is a way of life. Working with heart and energetics. Improving our own inner world to radiate out to others. Taking care with our words. Being  aware of what we are creating is a matter of awareness from outside of yourself. Use the mind for awareness of others; we need to engage with discernment, sixth sense, compassion and spatial awareness. Be aware of what we are doing to ourselves and those around us. Taking responsibility of what we create with our words. what boomerangs of emotion are we affecting and chucking out into the world? Sometimes a sobering exercise to take stock.

Words are weapons, creating consequences and emotional hurts to ourselves and to those we interact with. Negative words linger in the deep recesses of the mind and heart, ongoing reminders of the cuts and abuse we have received sometimes from the womb and early years of life.

Discernment is something that is ignited and grows with our expanding heart of feeling. No one can give us discernment. Inner development learnt with experience. A learning of morality and human awareness.  A mix of nurturing and awareness of self/other’s needs. 

Sixth Sense is an internal awakening. Linked to heart, mind and 6th sense development. A switching on to internal inner Gold. Unseen by the naked eye. However, very much in action and reaction. Affected by both mindsets and emotion. Biological influences and cellular actions/reactions. Out of our control yet controlled by us.  Education can help us to tap into our inner Gold and abundance it represents helping us to jump hurdles of life and take control of our lives and mind/emotions preventing consequences and chaos. See below*

Energetics and discernment lie dormant in majority of folk unaware or asleep to true potential they can achieve. 

Compassion: to have compassion we need to be feeling from the heart and eyes. A kindness for the self and others. Seeing the needs of the world. Including environment awareness of negativity and recognising when those around us are having an off day.  That means identifying feelings… not being numb or frozen from shock or adverse trauma: Feeling, seeing, a sensitivity, bringing awareness of others plight around us.  To have compassion for others we first need to have compassion for ourselves. Love the self, leading to loving others unconditionally.

Spatial awareness is linked to heart, discernment and sixth sense.  An expanding awareness outside of the self. We see through our Aura and Energetics: If we live with depression, anxiety or negativity the aura shrinks and with that our perceptions of ourselves and others become limited. Live a narrow world that has no room for others.  For example, those who are constantly on phones only see the screen and their focus is on the small object in their hands, not aware of their surroundings and often walk into people and objects. They become what I call ‘space cadets’ live in ‘La La land’ the illusionary world …. There but not there…lost...out of present time.  Unaware of anyone else, child or loved ones needs or their environment !

When we talk about kindness it requires positive applications in life. To make a difference in our daily world we need unseen parameters to be working within the individual.  We can say words and words are the active. What are yours going to be… effective and supportive or dangerous, destroying and damaging?

Don’t be one of the 1 in 4 suffering from mental and emotional dysfunctions

There are reasons behind the adverse core issues that drive fear and uncertainty. 

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Joy Wisdom 

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