Mental health Part 2 Living on the Edge

We are all born with coping strategies set by our biological and mind patterns formed from the womb… however life struggles will highlight weakness and flaws born with us unseen by the naked eye or taken into consideration in emotional and mental health issues. Living on the edge without understanding or acknowledgement from ourselves. We may recognise it in others, however blind to our own symptoms and hidden factors self and loved ones. 

Essentially, we only see part of the picture when dealing with and discussing depression, shock, adverse trauma, and anxiety. Hidden from view and may have been part of our lives since first breaths biological dysfunction from womb formation and mother’s anxiety at the time; Base lines for living will come out to play in adverse events!  Living on the edge becomes natural, survival is a daily encounter, anxiety and depression grows to gigantic proportions without acknowledgement. It doesn’t take much to tip us over the edge!

Depression and unhappiness are a killer in motion!

In 2020 data shows that 1 in 4 people suffer from depression and anxiety in their lifetime. 

70% of pregnant women suffer anxiety while pregnant and/or post-natal. 

Astonishingly we have more children suffering for depression and anxiety that every before! And with the stats showing women depressed in pregnancy… it is no surprise. As this will most certainly affect the infant biologically and mentally.  As transference and biological markers are converted to new states for the infant to live. Added and subtracted with life.

From my research and quests to find answers to depression and anxiety formation is a big factor to individuals mental and emotional health issues: I have advocated and written about it over the past decade. Alters an individual’s hormonal and biological base line in formation.

Logic tells us that events throughout our lives will add to the already faulty or dysfunctional baselines children are born within our millennia decades. Essentially, living poor base lines of coping and unable to deal with stress will quite easily push us over the edge in life. People do put a brave face on how they feel. Indeed, I know students and clients who smile constantly, wear the mask that people expect. While feeling out of control internally! Hiding the struggle and conflict within. Eventually leads to breaking point. where the body gives up under the constant emotional strain. Applying in or out of the spotlight of celeb status.

The spotlight and celebs bubble of life is harsh as media coverage dictate perfection and unflawed. The illusion: the perfect shape, dress, hair and makeup:  that many aspire to follow.  Leading to false, identity, false sense of security and hype together with long false eyelashes. Duped to believe what is presented on TV, film and marketing as reality.  A role or persona that is expected from fans, media and executives.  God like status goes with the role. 

In private those under the spotlight are vulnerable, scared and insecure; living with bouts of depression.  We have heard harrowing stories, read about it from the likes of Spike Milligan, Lady Diana, Prince Harry, Robin Williams, sports/ music celebs and hosts of others.  

In truth depression has a part in most people’s lives, no age limit, creed or social standing is missed out. With media coverage of Caroline Flack, young and old speak out, about their own personal struggle with anxiety and depression.  What is sobering is that our youngsters, four- and five-year olds are suffering from depression and anxiety, something unheard of in the past!

Depression and anxiety grew to new heights during the 20th centuary, the scourge of the 21st as no answers of solutions are prevalent.  Essentially, we do not fully understand mental health issues, and anti-depressants are proving not to be the answer; one of BBC news interviews, the presenter said, ‘it will always be around nothing we can do about it’!

Which shows we have been lulled into a sense of hopelessness of nothing can be done when that is not true. It makes me so cross when I hear comments like this: 

Championing new revolutionary ways with mental and emotional health issues I know we CAN help individuals and families to be liberated from the grip of depression, PTS, PND adverse traumatic experiences and anxiety because we look beyond the symptoms and deal with the cause. 

Through my own research over two decades I have found many areas of depression which has been formed from the womb. Finding a big number of people and families are living low levels of depression all their lives from hormonal malfunction; a dysfunction from formation: lack of oxytocin, dopamine and serotonin hormonal imbalance, low brain function and numbness is inexorably linked.  A level of transference from womb and conditioning when born from neglect and lack of love is a toxic and survival mix horrendous to live. When corrected changing cellular, biological and brain systems to support new levels of living with improved biological support for a better life. 

I believe we are looking in the wrong places for the clues to depression and anxiety. Depression comes in different packages, levels of hopelessness, helplessness, out of control not feeling and numbness follows.  Experiential levels exist. From mild to chronic, extreme levels would be from terror/ rape, yet holocaust victims who lived from anxiety were beyond extreme!  There are no words to explain what people feel and how long they have been entrapped in a world of coldness and confusion. 

Science has proved that undesirable depression and anxiety has been passed on or transferred biologically from survivors to their grandchildren and great grandchildren, who live depression and anxiety without reason?  Yet they live the mental health and biological imbalances through no fault of their own. In my book ‘Mirror Image’ transference facts and solutions, are discussed in detail. A major part of depression and anxiety issues from my own quests and research. 

From my point of view in extreme and chronic conditions, talking is not the answer, as confirmed by Caroline Flack suicide. I see people who are exhausted from talking, they have no talk left in them… fed up with the round and round talking does and makes them feel worse, deeper into the mire of depression and anxiety.   Proving the action reply is not productive and stress hormones are release each time we go over the adverse trauma replay, accumulating instead of reducing! Stress hormones create inflammation in the body…. Leading to Chronic illness, Heart attacks, Strokes, Arthritis, Diabetes and even Cancer!  The biology responds to trauma emotions and mental health…. depression and unhappiness is a killer in motion. 

Which is why we need to deal with the emotional issues. Deal with the core issues of depression and anxiety, adverse stress and trauma…. Logical when you think about it. 

Recently Liverpool University spoke out about antidepressants not working and we needed to look at other methods for results and solutions. We know through statistics that antidepressants do not work for large numbers of people… their symptoms are not relieved at all. And millions are spent on drugs and pain killers, yet symptoms persist….! To date no cure is in sight through these methods.  And no one has linked emotions to pain yet… Well I have and let me say, take away the cause of emotions and pain can disappear like magic not pill in sight! 

From my point of view a antidepressants are a plaster to a large boil that is festering inside… growing bigger by the day, as yet not lanced!  A cancer of the mind and heart… people need nurturing and compassion to help them stop being a ‘Shell of life’ and start living again. 

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