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Being in service is a relative term for spiritual dedication.

Being in service is not new! Elder Indigos, Starseeds and Lightworkers have been in service since 1940s bringing advancement, setting the scene for profound changes to come. They were the parents, grandparents and pioneers for what we live now. Second generation Indigos, Crystals, Cosmics, Empaths and sensitives took up the banner, over the last two generations, bringing change and transformation in structures, education, IT developments etc. 

We each have different beliefs and visions on what spiritual or humanitarian service can or couldn’t be. Often struggling and getting to extreme situations before asking for help. Those who have the courage and conviction of asking often surprised or disappointed by the outcomes. Help is answered however, not to the ‘mind’s’ expectation. Delivery can come from out of the blue. Unexpected time slots. Most of us do not see the bigger picture of deliverance. What we truly need for our highest good and authentic goals. Innocent in our expectations and time frames of deliverance or rescue. What we think and what is delivered, can be very different from ultimate receiving!

Are we listening to guidance even though we ask for it?  I have known students, spiritual ideologists and clients guided well yet they didn’t want to hear or take the advice on board. Even when voiced through those around us supporting. ‘Did it their way’ and found out the hard way. The head can rule the heart and intuition.  Whereas the heart and intuition can be right, ‘head strong’ folk will take longer learning when ignoring the best advice we can have. 

Service agendas are individually activated via heart opening and consciousness. How aligned, switched on and awake to step forward and take up our roles!  Some are only partially awake, therefore miss out on achievement.  Being in service in the past was a hard taskmaster and those who brought new visions found it a challenge to be heard and understood. Today with upshifted consciousness, service roles are faster stepped into. As in 2020/21 we are being nudged, stepping forward regarding environment, gender, intolerance, injustice and cultural differences on a big scale. Service offers huge transformation.

Service themes are across the board, as humanity upshifts in gear of enlightenment. Complex variations on themes, justice and equality re-evaluated. Education, new structures of health, Law, government, save the planet changes.   Eradicating ancient behaviour, family traits, disease, mental health, abuse, poverty, stopping ground-hog-day living. (Feels familiar as all transitions today). There are millions of us on this path. Big or small agendas to fulfil, jigsaw pieces making up the whole of advancement on personal, group, humanitarian level. 

Most people won’t remember what they signed up for! 

To our benefit, otherwise we could run a mile! We may have insights,  inklings or suspicions we are here to make change. As most people say, ‘I know I am here to do something, but don’t know what’?  Soul frustration can be part of the picture, the Soul knows and wants to get with the programme. To awaken “you’’ to get with the programme!  Deaf, blind and dumb to our agenda however, unique to each of us, passionate triggers will initiate and kick start. 

Famous icon examples are Gandhi and Mandela; Two men who spent their lives in service, making drastic change on a big scale. Challenging injustice. Both sacrificed;  turbulent lives, both suffered in their quest to bring change. A long road to success, a life’s work to inspire and encourage change, bringing a global spotlight on cultural injustice. Both received Soul impacts from incarcerations, limitation and suffering!  More recent George Floyd; His injustice brought mammoth cries for change.  From one man. He became the pinnacle of law revision. One event touching our hearts, rising consciousness, globally igniting what is not acceptable!

Individual one heart, one mind as to how quickly we can awaken into service. In some situations it is a life experience, ignites new visions on life, ensuring change, reducing others suffering experience, as with George Floyd.  As all is speeding up we have more instant change and recognition, i.e. George Floyd.  He gave his life in service to humanity. Instrumental in leaving a legacy of change. 

Our awakening has structure, a plan and outcome

In all cases we are being put through our paces, tested to check if we are ready to take up the baton in service.

  1. Integrity, faith and trust are the buzz words in service
  2. It is not a given right – we need to take part and prove our worthiness 
  3. If we can’t trust or be trusted we cannot achieve ‘Souls’ agenda  
  4. When in service we neither look for reward or acknowledgement. 
  5. Make good and bad karma to ‘self’ ignoring service roles or implementing positive action on ‘Souls service’ agenda. 
  6. Emotionally and mentally we can be affected by not taking action.
  7. Souls goal, to achieve successfully. 

Training and learning trust.

Mostly ‘ours’ as explained to me in my early service journey, (I didn’t have a clue what my service agenda was at that time.) I grew consciously aware, constantly reminded by spirit, ‘We trust you; you need to Trust us’.  Trust the messages, signs received and work with/from heart, 6th senses and intuition to enable hearing, seeing and feeling Soul’s guidance. Awakening and living from heart chakra, 6th senses and intuition. Energetics and 3rd eye perception links the messages, delivery and expansion in service. The internal ‘Sat Nav’ is direct guidance received and put into action, taking action, hearing from a higher spiritual perspective.  One of the testing pathways is to trust wholeheartedly the information we are given.  Not to question, put into action, to know and ‘just do it’!  Do we keep our word, are we reliable or will the head get in the way?

Trust is a two way street, proving our abilities and faith in our Soul agenda. A distant memory of what we previously agreed to take part in. Consciousness is the switch on. Cherry picking does not work! Low consciousness, dominant mind, is linked to ‘off line’ living, closed heart and 6th senses. We cannot be actioned or activated when living in this state. 

Each of us are switched on uniquely: linked to personal consciousness. 

Different time frames are unique to the individual. 

My time was in my forties ( 1990s) when I was awakened to live and action my Soul’s agenda. I was overwhelmed by the multi-faceted size.  For five years I had been called upon, tested and guided in the ‘trust and action’ process. My 6thsenses opened to heightened experiences. With no mentor or guide I muddled my way through. It was tough at times as my spiritual-self came from dormancy into life. Empathically, life was a challenge, I had subdued this side of myself to fit in as a child of the 1950’s. 

Called upon at a drop of a hat, get in the car and go …. I  visited ancient and standing stone sites etc. Learning accuracy was key, to stand on a certain spot. I learnt about ley lines and earths power nodes etc. For over thirty years I travelled the world, still on this agenda. Taking groups to ancient sites, activating Atlantean power nodes and Biblical energetic pathways to help Gaia, humanity and raise consciousness.  There is a difference in the work today, no longer firefighting, we moved beyond that phase in the years 2012 – 2016. 

The years from mid 1990 to 2012 were a constant challenge and by skin of teeth we made it. So many were ‘switched off’ from their Universal agenda. Those who were ‘off line’ not awakened, vast shortfall of Souls; unaware of agenda engagement. Those of us on the agenda were exhausted and burnout. However, in service there is no rest.  The job comes first. We had to see it through, we would survive and our roles were to ensure Gaia and humanity raised above the parapet of the Piscean age. The deadline was 2012. 

Today the service agenda is different, transitioning, engaged in Aquarian Age upshifting and advancement speeding up, no longer Universal refuge collectors of historical actions and follies; Correcting, healing, realigning, Universe to Gaia fall out. Removing ancient ‘stuck living’ and stuck roles, a portion of my agenda, liberating from Piscean legacies. I recently worked with a woman who had been stuck in her service agenda. A long-term cultural and lineage theme. All were stuck in the rut.  The magnificent freeing, correction and completing for all involved was bliss to observe, liberated to move on to higher and better living. 

My agenda is multi-faceted, a long agenda that continues to awaken, mentor and guide with HeART centred pioneering visions/methods, to support individuals; opening to grace and ease living, aligning to their unique Aquarian agenda. 

You have the opportunity to take the high road, receive short circuit, jump hurdles with 1-2-1 and/or personal training, receive and live blissful higher consciousness. It is your right!

Good news is we are making massive progress on this front. We are awakening to spatial awareness, kindness and compassionate change. 

Ditch it… Don’t live it .. 

Joy Wisdom Founder of Allonus

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