Privacy Policy

Allonus privacy statement to explain your right to control the information you share with us. 

The European laws about how any organisation or company can use your data are being strengthened with the implementation of the General Data Protection Regulations. We think this is a really good thing, as it gives us all more power to stop companies misusing our personal information. 

We recognise how important it is to make sure your personal details are kept secure and private when you take part in receiving information or buy goods from us. All information you share with us is treated as confidential and Allonus does not share your details with third parties.

Our privacy policy is formed from the following principles:

  1. Your personal information is treated as confidential and held securely.
  2. We use industry standard security methods for the Allonus website and our Customer Relationship Management system.
  3. Allonus does not, and will not, rent or sell your information to third parties. Allonus believes this to be morally wrong.
  4. The information you provide us when making a purchase will be used for the purpose of contacting you to support or enable that purchase. 
  5. We only use your contact information to stay in touch, provide updates, information and notifications of training where you have opted-in. You may indicate your preference of notifications as email and post for marketing or information purposes.
  6. You can contact at any time to unsubscribe from marketing related emails, or to exercise your right to request changes or removal of your personal information altogether.
  7. Age restriction of our training is 16 and over.

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