Who’s truth, what truth, why truth! By Joy Wisdom

The evolution of man and upshifts of consciousness is highlighting mismatched living in the world and society. The legacies of lower living of Piscean age have to go. We are being urged from planetary alignments of Pluto, Aquarius and Piscean energies to ditch the old ways and look to live higher values and morals of the Aquarian age. Where truth and discernment, honour and respect, morals are baseline keys to living. Falsehoods only create purging and karma and the cycle and circle of repetition. Staying on the treadmill of lack and disappointment. Intolerances with self and others around us, causes suffering and torment. Has no place in our world.


From the giant changes from the Spring equinox, 19-26th March we will feel accelerated happenings on a social and world level. Moving into a tipping point of great change lifting us out of the remnants of Piscean two-thousand-year influences. A transition affecting us all. Bringing turbulence and transition over the next twelve years. The more we as individuals and cultures embrace the changes and go with the flow the easier the ride will be. We are pawns in the cosmic ride of change hanging on to your hat time is here.


Who’s truth, what truth, why truth!

Truth is a big part of the evolution.

Essentially starting with you and living your truth.


Spirituality expansion is ongoing, taking on a whole new paradigm of awareness.

As individuals the responsibility rests firmly upon our shoulders. We are clearing up the legacies our forefathers and cultures left behind. i.e.: Intolerances, poverty and suffering as legacies. Thinking and action has changed. Putting right the injustices. Changing laws, upgrading base lines of life. We accept different values today from our ancient days of living. A lot of what has gone before is no longer relevant in today’s society. Essentially, we are clearing out the cupboards and literally throwing out, sieving through the content as what to pack and what to leave behind, as we move house. As we move forward archetypal living of lack and suffering, falsehoods will become a thing of the past.


False truths, media and TV bend and twist truths and it is a challenge to discern. Suppliers telling us they have held prices, no price hike, yet the package content reduced! Falsehoods are around us daily on media and TV. Saw this during the pandemic and ongoing war between Russia and Ukraine. Russia media and government hype gives a very different view with controlled information to their population. A different view than the rest of the world observes!


So, what has happened to truth?

Essentially, truth has become a mismatch of everyone else’s beliefs, dogma over time. We have lost the art of truth and what it means. Certain times in history where no truth existed! Control and dominance ruled, and we did what we were told. Historically, there has been very little truth that reigned within our world. Mirrored other peoples, culture and lineage religious truths and stoic beliefs, making us unique in our truth or not … seen everywhere around the world.


Have we ever lived truth? That is a big debate….

Have you ever listened to words spoken and felt that it was not of truth?

I have and it is ok to recognise untruths. To know someone is being economical with truth. Truth is going to be different day to day. Different to your brother, sister and what you are feeling at the time. However, the more we practice ‘truth’ the better the voice frequency will improve.

Fact is we can each develop a 6th sense of untruths as it is of a lower energy easy for us to recognise.


People practice untruths quite openly It has become a way of life. Thinking they will not be found out although one untruth, leads to another and acclimates …. And accumulates within their quantum field creating negative outcomes… purging and karma is made from this! There will be a reconning at some point in their lives. Either way falsehoods will bestow bigger negative outcomes or knocks in life.


It is ok to say I don’t believe that?  To question, to expose.

Developing integrity picking up false news. When truths are spoken, we feel it in the heart. It resonates with us in mind and heart. We know it is truth. Not so when untruths are spoken, they do not resonate in the same way. No profound experiences are felt with untruths.


Truth is embellished with morals, honour and respect. LOVE, and the love we receive and give. Falsehoods are conditional, egotistical and looking to deceive.

Are you a person who cherry picks the love we want or need? Do we sabotage ourselves with falsehoods?

  1. Do we apply conditional behaviour/actions with some people and not with others?
  2. Do you condition yourself? For instance, do you criticise yourself? Are you hard on yourself? 
  3. Do you honour and respect yourself 100%?
  4. Criticism can be habit, learnt and mirrored.


Essentially it is an untruth to self! Brainwashing yourself into thinking and repeating other people’s untruths.

Criticism is one person’s idea of what your life should be. Intolerance due to cultural ways and dogma. Mirroring and continuing negative traits with others, fixated on repeating historical actions. Cultural, lineage or even religion upbringing, conditioning, and control...! Shaping ancient ways, instead of letting individual decide on their own path. While we live another’s conditioning and criticism, (untruths) we continue the traits and live untruths ourselves. Mirroring and tainting further in our world.


Perception changes reality with truth.

We live by example. If we are loving and compassionate with ourselves, we have more of a chance being truthful with others. 

The only place we will find truth is in the heart. The mind skews truth and observations become blind to truth. Integrity grows from your heart centre; truths are spoken from the throat and heart together in harmony.


Intuition and 6th sense helps to guide us to integrity, emotional integrity and emotional detachment, something that is learnt from inside out into our world.  Feel elation when we speak our truth. We feel strong, confident and have a surge of buoyant energy when we speak truth. 


When speaking truths, we recognise the vibration of truth in the heart. We also recognise picking up ‘low level cringe’ when untruth is spoken; we feel the difference, in the person who is trying to pull the wool over our eyes.


Truth when practiced, hits us between the eyes, grabs our attention and resonates with the heart… boosting our 3-fold-flame radiating out. Practicing truth is an ‘ART’ developed from within; Consciousness of today demands truth.  Because there is no room for untruths in the Aquarian age….  A practice that is close to our heart… truth…. close to our soul.


Truth is amazing it rings in the heart. 

The practice is only speak truth. Watch your language for untruths. Pick yourself up when speaking untruths, do not prostitute yourself to untruths. Because it will find you out and leave a trail of boomerangs that will keep coming back to haunt you via karma and purging.


Avoid and prevent speak truth… your truth and live in grace and ease.


Joy Wisdom



Joy mentors and guides to the real essence of your truth; Designed to be different personal growth workshops and 1-2-1 arrangements.


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