Your mental health matters

Mind and Emotions – Your mental health matters


Our subconscious mind is complex formed from events and traumas. Subconscious mind will log everything true or false. Our own direct event experience or indirect remotely,  (i.e.: film, TV etc.,).  Subconscious catalogues everything and will dictate our actions and reactions with no control from us. The only way we can control is to investigate, refile to correct, eliminating out-of-date-data. Emotional release helps to clear the decks of ancient memories. Giving emotional freedom in the process. Self-esteem building.

For the subconscious mind we need more than focus, meditation and mantras to outwit the mind!


Your mental health matters. Psychological outcomes/causes are from adverse trauma and emotional issues. Many trials have proved this.

In Holistic’s today, we have to include the mind and emotions if we want improved and longer lasting health outcomes. The unique methods of D.A.R.E Therapy offers New exciting, cutting edge solutions to reduce emotions and anxiety driven from the subconscious mind. Updating methods to expanded perceptions to a whole bigger approach including psychological and Somoto solutions improving body wellness. Additional lifestyle prevention is possible with emotional awareness, emotional regulation with personal prevention coaching.  You can have a healthy body and mind, by taking control of your life with D.A.R.E Therapy and Joy Wisdom pioneering education.


Medically Somoto disorders are known as a ‘somatic symptom disorder’, formerly known as somatoform disorder, is equal to any mental health disorder, manifesting with physical symptoms, suggesting illness and/or injury.


All about memories.  Unseen and unaware.

We all hold memories and emotions from different timelines of event living that forms somatosensory factors. Somatosensory includes; Anxiety, meltdown, overload, ADHD and Autism traits, sensory factors over stimulated on many fronts. Includes emotional combination factors often overlooked in diagnosis.

What is not realised is that memories go into our subconscious and will undermine our living due to the memories accumulated. Memories are held everywhere not just in the mind. Held in bones, tissue, energetics and mind. Traumas result in cause and effect as physical, emotional and psychological outcomes. All stored and directed by the subconscious mind.


Memories drive emotions and emotions drive action and reaction, cause and effect with Somoto influences, physical and emotional reactions.  The cycle and circle goes on, with repetition, growing into repeat and reset for further groundhog day living.


We are changing our destiny daily by events, how we live and choice used to handle life. All is interpreted by our Quantum field and decline and upshift is possible in equal measures it depends upon our choices and outcomes. Implementing cause and effect in all psychical and psychological systems, giving a ‘Somoto reaction’.   Unknown to us we have quantum undetected systems that creates 24/7 causing further cause and effect.  Our timelines amend with each effect from our quantum field actions.


If you have seen the film the Adjustment Bureau showing how our fate or destiny is changed in an instant. A film interpretation and fiction however, factual of what our quantum field is doing eternally, responding to our actions or repetitive undermining choices. Essentially, we are the producer of our outcomes lived. With education and awareness we can change those outcomes. A specialist combo effect is required for ultimate long lasting results.


Timeline therapy is often associated with hypnotherapy. It has been around for some time, a theory and practice.  Dissolve and Resolve Emotions (D.A.R.E) offers a new solution and approach not regression nor hypnotherapy. D.A.R.E uses exciting methods working with the psyche of the body to detect and identify, cause and effect. Not just the present day, the cause can include past life and historical memories.  What is new is that we need to include all areas, body-mind-emotions and quantum field if we want to be affective in correcting old and ancient memories held within. Some may not be ours but transferred from the womb. Foetally formed from dominant fears, trauma, cause and effects from parents, lineage and legacies… scary thought is it can be from those we don’t even know!


Dissolve and Resolve Emotions (D.A.R.E practitioners therapy), includes timeline clearing together with a large tool box solutions, reducing influences from ‘Somoto cause and effect’.

To advance we need to live our own agenda.  Joy has over twenty year’s, of experienced interactions, vast knowledge she shares with students. Fact is individuals are constantly being influenced via a cocktail of events subconsciously; consciously unaware causing unpredictable health outcomes…. Somoto experiences continue, undetected until chronic or acute disorders are detected.  Avoid and prevent is the answer to mental and physical health.


Join me for two-day workshop of Mind and Emotions 17-18th February. Empowerment education with emotional freedom is coming your way!

D.A.R.E practitioners interactive training - see website for dates.


Joy Wisdom 


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