Women’s Health & DARE 2015!

Become a practitioner of ‘excellence’ for Women and Children’s Health with D.A.R.E We gathered at a secluded venue nestled in the Welsh hills, for eight-days of DARE training, this special DARE intermediate training course, needs to be attended as a residential, away from home for the time and space to assimilate the content and daily changes received for all the participants.  Part of the content, is covering something we all experience, Birth. The results of which are very different for each of us. Maternity, Pregnancy, Infertility and Miscarriage. Emotional subjects and emotive responses, some of which we have taken to our grave, still holding grief and failure buried deep affecting us even today.  Joy has found that when this happens our body does not complete the maternity process and will affect the body systems and responses. Also included, a broad skill base on varying aspects of maternity and Women’s health. Teaching DARE practitioners the skills of the Wise woman, delicate and sensitive skills to help free the loss, grief and impacts, through history and present day.  From a DARE point of view, we do not assist our parents or infants enough with tragedy in maternity. The special content of this course allows support and release the impacts for all concerned. With state of the Art approaches for baby, releasing psychological and emotional consequences and ramifications, unknown to us on a conscious level will be felt for life. Joy Wisdom 08.08.2015 Joy has You Tube interviews on this subject and her Book Pregnancy & Birth A New Generation One practitioners experience: I have realised that the DARE course material covered during the 8 days is very sacred and sensitive and we needed the appropriate venue for our training, this is the ideal place to do that, the venue is tucked away in a Welsh valley, secluded and safe. I am feeling and sensing so much more and as a DARE practitioner this is invaluable.   During one session of personal dissolving, I found the techniques for the unfinished pregnancy process was really profound, I really felt pregnant as the body completed the process, I was in floods of tears as the stored emotion left me, bringing relief and inner peace. Being able to connect with a part of myself, that had been lost in the mists of time, was profound beyond words. Since this has happened I am feeling peace inside that I have not known before.  My heart feels complete in a way it has not done previously.   A beautiful and pivotal session, I even heard the laughing and giggling of the baby souls, before they left*, was such a pleasure (*realising I had been unwittingly holding on to them). The whole course has been beneficial, beyond belief for personal and professional development.  On this particular workshop we had the incredible opportunity to watch Joy working on Sam, a newborn baby just two weeks old. Amazing to see the difference, as Sam let go of his shock and trauma from his own birth process and became so much more content. His mum reported back to us several days later, he fed very differently, slept contently for whole 3 hours at a time, where before he had been fractious in sleep and feeding.  The support, compassion and love that Joy has for all of us as students are amazing. ES 08.2015   Wonderful to review and appreciate so much more, the beginnings of many outcomes everyone lives with from birth, abuse etc., New eyes, new understanding for me.  A beautiful reminder of the sacredness of this work.   YJ 08.15 Wales
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