Winter Solstice profound happenings update 💫

An update for those of you who were not able to join us for the profound and exceptional reality changes on the 21st December
The culmination of 40 day/night progressive acceleration from ancient creations. Thousands of ancient creations of negativity that created the veils of Maya. Maya veil were known by Mayan Sages and recognised in Hindu religion.
Effecting our collective consciousness and limiting choice, stagnating humanities progression. Keeping us in Karma and karmic debt.
Karma is very misunderstood and personal creations unrecognised.
We are moving into a conscious time where with the Veils of Maya elimination in progress, allowing us to see more of reality and more of our own self neglect. Which causes karma and karmic debt.
Through the ages Veils of Maya has caused bind spots in mind, created mind sets to suit, including perfectionism. BLIND Mind control and involved in various forms of mental health disorders.

Take action in 2024 liberate yourself, learn more about Karma and how you can eliminate personal Veils of Maya ancient and otherwise.

With intimate group liberation of karma, mind and emotion skills and reprogramming with a profound 8- week training coming in 2024.
Additional Soul & Soul Psychology options available.

Want to take charge and alter of your mindsets …..

We forget the mind is there to serve you not the other way around.
Perfectionism mindsets create destruction, exhaustion, constant treadmill living, unrealistic striving and constant battle, mentally destroying. Who really wants to live that way!!
Learn more about Mind control, blind spots and how perfectionism is at the core of unhappiness and disappointment. 
Receive more tolerance within self, career and relationships; Enjoy the abundance of energy, speed up life and liberate the mind!

This is what others have received by taking the block booking group Practitioner training:
I didn’t realise how I was living until I took the perfectionism workshop training.
The exhaustion disappeared, disappointment lessened with each week of more understanding.
I now live with heightened perception.
Improvement in physical wellbeing. More loving and accepting love and self .
Showing more gratitude of what I have achieved. More joy and appreciation with life.
Also surges of joyous energy are coming through are amazing.
Skills taught have been invaluable, amazing I am a new person since taking this training… goes way beyond how to be more mindful.
Skills for life with emotional intelligence, taking control of me are provided.
10-weeks of liberation of the mind (including exclusive 2-day mind and emotional exceptional training included) in the programme.


Check out Allonus web site for accelerating your wellbeing and improved mental health options.

Learn how to stop karma…… What a gift that is!

For more information check out videos and blogs on Karma and Perfectionism on Allonus website
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