Why do we not grow up ?!

Did you know we can go into a frozen zone when we are in Post Traumatic Stress / Post Natal Depression. Indeed Joy’s quest with Dissolve & Resolve Emotions® (DARE™) has found that trauma can also keep us in an inappropriate age bracket – we don’t grow up! Summer 2014 – A woman practitioner, attended one of the DARE Intermediate levels - Women’s Health & Birth Trauma, (a large agenda looking at many aspects of birth and consequences of trauma, little understood or talked about) a DARE practitioners training over 8-days. She had shown signs of immaturity since I had met her. During the course and DARE session investigations we looked at the impacts from PTS/PND. One of which was immaturity – locked into an age zone that we don’t mature from. Essentially when tragedy strikes we get entrapped into a zone, child and adult – I would compare to the late Michael Jackson. A very talented man with a child’s maturity and innocence! ‘Zodiac/Planetary’ miss-alignment at birth. I find it is a very common issue, especially today where we have more children born out of step with their natural birth plan, through planned C-Section.  Birth and planetary mismatch, causing individuals to miss out in life – these children and adults can be clumsy, they are always behind the other kids … late for opportunities and life just passes them by.   As adults and children they struggle to make decisions, sit on the fence and unable to grab life’s abundance. I found that the practitioner had both aspects holding her back. Immaturity can be found in all sorts of ways – the workshop training showed the practitioner the imperfections within her and her immaturity decline or frozen zone – she had stayed in from her adolescence. Essentially she had not grown since this age. She agreed her age of knowing and behaviour was at a girl of 13!  This client was 33. Her behaviour was of a young teen - She would have tantrums, do things to get attention and was often childish and petulant. Unable to make a decision and relied upon her parents to make them for her and they treated her like a child. During the sessions received during training, she realised and felt the miss-match decline she had been living, realising for the first time.  As she was being aligned to her full self. During the workshop session she aged in maturity and her inner knowing changed she had matured to age 18 on the day of the session, she had matured by 5 years.  She felt physically more grown up.  Over the following days – she gained in years of maturity – internally grew to 23- 25- 27- arriving at her real age 33, seven days after her DARE session. She also realised that she had suffered PTS/PND in those years she lost herself and retreated to her child self.   By being able to deal with the PTSD/PND we were able to release her from the internal frozen zone she had been living, the stunted growth that had occurred due to trauma and fear.  This then allowed her to discover the real inner self and was aligned to the magnificence of the human essence. Transcript of Women’s Health Voice testimonial  - C A - Aug 2014 Personal clearing was amazing as it showed a mismatch of her age and her maturity. C agreed that she struggled to be a proper mum to her son, who she felt was more mature than she was in some situations! This practitioner trainer had denied herself so much in life.   She could not make a decision and relied upon her parents to make them for her.   Although she did not often like what they wanted her to decide!   Giving in to their demands. Meant that parents were still in control and C felt trapped.  No way out…. They also made a lot of decisions regarding her son, who looked upon his grandparents as equal status with his mother. Special things happen in DARE, the core issues are found and dissolved.  Resolved to a level of new living and being.  I can report that this woman has matured to engage with her son as his mother instead of his playmate. Able to live with more confidence and maturity has changed her life for the better.  Allowing her to get her life back, able to make decisions that are pragmatic, life flows and the struggle has gone. C has taken charge of her life, instead of it flowing away… Joy Wisdom Summer 2014
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