We don’t have to phone a friend or look up on google!  by Joy Wisdom

We have all heard of consciousness and a level of understanding of the word. To be conscious is to be awake. Aware and responsible. Being aware and responsive to one's surroundings.

Christ Consciousness is an advanced level of consciousness, a step up to VIP ladder of living. An energetic frequency, intertwined with higher consciousness to bring enlightenment of self and world around us. A bigger vision, nurturing and perception, base line of kindness and heart felt compassion. Something not registered or in abundance in history. 

From my perspective even religion has been lacking in the true sense of Christ Consciousness.  

2014 Christ consciousness shifts were bestowed on planet earth, brought great swathes of Light to awaken humanity and Gaia to kick start Christ Consciousness.  September was a peak of influx. Christ consciousness was not a word banded about in 2014 or used in common language. Even at time of writing… unknown and new to most of humanity. Christ consciousness is an awakening of the HeART. An awakening from those tragic times when we closed our heart from fear, retribution, and tragic lost love events. 

Did you know we have three HeART chakras not one? Second and third are aligned with Solar (higher frequencies) not affected by human living. 

We hear the word Christ and think of religion! 

Christ Consciousness is not a religion. But a VIP enhanced energy process awakened within, energy surges start internal dormant processes to enhance consciousness. Frequencies of light awaken, (held in energetic HeART2nd heart chakra), known as the Sacred HeART. Christ Consciousness process is stored, activated to download from 12th Solar Chakra. A living concept interlinked and driven from second HeART chakra, (Sacred HeART) and Solar Chakra twined integration.  Once opened, aligned 12th Chakra and Sacred Heart interlinks trigger internal transformation. Brings great joy and peace to live. New drives and function, diluting anxiety, and stress from life. 

A wonderment any of us can tap into. 

A ladder of advancement awakening delivered and arranged via Allonus LiGHt Healing Power of 3 and ‘ZEST of life’ programme. Tapping into new territory for human life. A massive support package awaits, lain dormant for eons.  Sacred HeART and 12th Solar Chakra were attributes we lived in Atlantis. Enlightenment came with advanced territory for 6thsenses, various internal switch ons and upshifts would occur at the same time. 

Like a domino effect enlightenment is received and light bulb moments lived. And we can have the new version of Aquarian attributes today. All instigated via transformation to our internal physical and energetic systems.

When we fell from grace in Lemuria and Atlantis, we lost our abilities to the higher worlds. Direct communication and inner knowing left. Our 6th senses and energetics depleted we faded into obscurity and survival. Head took over and we lost heart direction and interlinking abilities with energetics. Why we need access to our inner dormant qualities awaiting switch on or correction/realignment. All incorporated in Allonus extensive programmes.

We talk about enlightenment all the time. Yet do we really know what it is? 

In today’s living we are more together than we have ever been.  

Enlightenment is heart and head entwined as one for the betterment of you. Through the ages we have fragmented ourselves and separated on many levels. We have knowledge we can apply for ourselves. Yet without the inner aspect of energetics and consciousness alignment we become head driven instead of heart aligned.  Separation, driving unsettled living as we remain fragmented, separate in so many ways! One of the reasons we continue to live anxiety, stress, depression, irrational fear, feeling chaos and/or unsafe in the world. We have no roots to stabilise on a regular basis. Kites in the wind, fluttering here and there, living without a rudder to direct and guide. 

Our rudder is intertwined in 6th senses, energetics, and HeART. 

Direction in life given, compass guidance and inner knowing is received 24/7 with the trio interlinks. We don’t have to phone a friend. Look up on google or face book. We know directly. Direct inner confirmation is felt by you. Attributes we lost, in those dark times in history, lost knowledge of how to instigate and use. Since those dark times we have been crawling back to our true authentic self, lost to heart, diverted. We lost and forgot the training of the universal rule book.  Without trio of wisdom and automation, we continued to be off track. We now live in unpresented times where knowledge and guidance is here to receive. Soul groups are calling us back to spiritual ONEness.

It comes down to us individually to find the path back to ONEness and spiritual enlightenment. No one can do it for you.  But we can help guide you to your superb qualities to grab with both hands.  With Allonus and Joy Wisdom training we can help enhance them to full operation. 

Attributes are there and awaiting switch on. They didn’t ever leave. Heart, 6th sense, and energetics separated from all the qualities and wisdom, in the melee of life and survival. Survival…fear etc. the long-term living has been at the fore historically and to some extent even today, dependent upon your environment and place in the world. Cultures and lineages led the way and we fell into the abyss with them. Eons of head in the sand Ostrich approach. Living without our hidden attributes ensued, we were lost…Without 6th sense, Heart, and energetic support. The rudder gone, ship sinking into the abyss.  The crimes against humanity began and we had nothing to fight back with! Frozen in time, numb and foetal position deep slumber.

Awakening equals remembering. 

Over decades we received influx of LIGHT and Cosmic frequencies to help us remember, to awaken from deep slumber.  Now is the time to recapture the lost self. Bring all the jig saw pieces back to life. When we are fully aligned, we start to move from separation to oneness. From inner HeART consciousness, holding dormant attributes we can only dream of.  HeART does have a consciousness and awakens deeply buried attributes to enhance life and living. Once we have the consciousness and enlightenment to start switching on, dim at first, growing brighter as we develop and recapture all parts fragmented and frozen, remembering how, reality of time lost and missed out of in life.

Why wait? 

Join the growing gathering getting smart, wise, kick starting reawakening in a big way. In 2022 we are still awakening (it is ongoing) as we have many ladders to climb to arrive at the upper echelons of consciousness.  Shocks of pandemic reminds us of the previous horrors lived, to awaken, shaking into action. 

We need help to climb out of the bunker. 

Historical tragedies can be sticking points, holding fast and keep entrapped in olde ancient living. With personal ‘will’ eroded and weary from survival.

Joy Wisdom ‘ZEST of Life’ range of programme brings the awakening we have been waiting for. The ‘SWITCH on’, guiding hand, reawakened support systems are returned to reacquaint ourselves with Heart and energetics. Improving consciousness, 6th sense advancement and HeART consciousness. Kick start abundance from dormant qualities back into life. 

We need to awaken and correct our inner world before we can live the new attributes (in our outer world). Ditch suffering and enjoy quality of life with ‘ZEST’ and wonder coming your way!

All you need to do is to turn up and receive. Take the first steps now, book your place on a LIVE digital course and transform your life and wellbeing for the better. 

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