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Vision Quest, a term used by Native Americans when they fasted; a sacred and ancient technique of prayer combined with fasting. Over time the ritual evolved into a four-year ceremonial practice within Native American tribes.   The indigenous adapted the practice of ‘vision quest’ as an ancestral multi-layered mechanism for teaching seekers to become luminous beings.  Believing fasting in solitude was an internal practice clearing frontal mind, opening and punctuating the subconscious for illumination. Today we still use similar practices. The Lemurians, Atlanteans, Egyptians, Hindu, Gnostics and Buddhists were among those that rigorously utilised and supervised disciplines that involved fasting.  

In 21st centuary, we know ancient practices have been useful.  It was all we knew at that time, to mastering the luminousself. Awakening  the four-selves. physical and aura in unity. (Physical, Etheric, Emotional and Mental auric fields) forming spiritual oneness/unification. The process of transition is still in motion. By 21st standards, still in infant stages. Avoiding the real point of illumination…fasting and staying in mind will not do it. Lost in the long road to illumination, stuck in mindsets and slow motion!

There is a bigger picture to awakening i.e. illumination. To master self, we need to be aware of how we tick and identify what is out of sync. What are the limits lived and why? Whose limits do we follow? Are they self-induced/perpetuated? Recognition opens doors to action. Subconscious defaults and status quo living are common finds in the path of mastering self. Concentrating  on the mind will not remove beliefs and limitations perpetuated. The mind has been dominant through eons of life. Heart has been lost in the melee of left brain and analytical mind. Mind skews and blocks; whereas heart opens doors to illumination. In the noughties 20’s we are being pushed to correct the misconceptions of ancients and incorporate 21st centuary accelerated approaches into present day agenda.

Essentially, limiting experiences and choices generates ‘Shell of Soul’ living a faded aspect of self. I continually find past and present conditioning stopping individual advancement in student training and one-to-one client sessions.  A common theme not realised but very prevalent underlying everything about them. Not realised or identified consciously, individuals continue to be entrapped in beliefs, behaviour and roles from long ago. Additional jig saw pieces commonly found, termed ‘Transference’ (formed ‘Foetal origins’, in womb, mirror, conditioned in life) passed on by parents, culture and lineage: finding indelible defaults within mind and energetics, blinding, limiting the individual without consciousness.   Brain pathways dormant and underdeveloped. Living defaulted Reptilian brain survival, unused Limbic and Neocortex expansion to new and exciting ways to live. Physicality correction and upshifted energetics are all part of mastering illumination.  The mind being a small percentage of the bigger picture vison quest. 

Being unaware does not stop the barriers, in some cases perpetuated to extreme scenarios with subconscious action, physical limitation.  Automation of emotion continues, triggering, driving ground-hog-day repetition. 

Spirit knows no dogma. Group consciousness fields and systems of beliefs come from man, conditioning and dogma from ancient times perpetuating in today’s living.  A spiritual journey is a journey of internal awakening and reunification, correcting separation of self, uniquely packaged.  Separation happens from shock, neglect, lack of love, building barriers of numbness between us and our true self. Indeed, we put limitation and barriers upon ourselves daily emotionally driven without awareness. Creating failing physical systems, mindsets and consequences from self-induced limits. Taking us further from our spiritual self. The goal of  ‘Vision Quest’ harder and more challenging to achieve.

The Aquarian new state 

We are called to arms in the twenties (Noughties) (a term derived from nought/zero as a marker for the millennium and 20s decades to come). The spotlight is upon us all.

All life counts no matter what colour or creed. We all affect one another.  Finding out big time with tragic Pandemic times.  The twenties bring upshifted frequencies for large scale rebirthing, a coming of age or maturity,  we can no longer continue as if disparity does not exist. Reality is in our face…felt as impulses from Zodiac and Cosmos for advanced transition to unity and illumination. A global scale of union. Shedding skins or overcoats from ancient entrapment. Moving away from outdated ancient thinking and living. Eradicating perpetuation of karma.  The spotlight is on each and every one of us as we enter 2021. Each responsible for ourselves and what we add or take away from group consciousness. Certainly, seen through pandemic eyes, highlighting weakness in both individual and global disparity needing removal and correction.  

Group consciousness affects our energetic fields of living; parked everywhere within systems brining separation, disparity, depression, anxiety and stress. We are more than the physical and energetic mismatch will put more pressure on body and biological systems, stress hormones perpetuating.  Lack of heart connection and illumination causesanxiety, continues disparity while mind triggers desperately trying to hang on to old beliefs and roles. The more we fight the transition the more stress accumulated; Shell of Soul living becomes the norm!

Spirit knows no dogma. Spiritual advancement brings liberty and freedom from ages past. Aligning ducks in a row for unification. Awakening inner gold to freedom. 

Love begets unity individually and globally.  

Over the last two decades we have advanced consciousness, Covid pandemic brings further advancements with reality of unfairness, injustice lived in the world. Evolved from history and ancient beliefs. Togetherness and unity are the message. To embrace 2021 changes kicking out olde beliefs, no place within Aquarian Age societies. The sooner we remove and awaken, the sooner we will jettison suffering and anxiety.  

Identifying disparity and who still dictates what we live subconsciously!

Some still want to stay in the status quo…entrenched and unable to move on!

I have come across extraordinary skewed beliefs, unique to each individual. Mindsets locked into dogmas, beliefs, held fast within clients and students alike. Honed, lived and perpetuated for long periods of time… many lives ensued.  Entrapped subconsciously, tightly bound, unable to free themselves from etheric chains formed from ancient past.  

By today’s standards, ancient living brings smaller vision lived. 

Physically and Energetically formed to continue. Encased in etheric chains linking energetically, defaulted to follow again… In ancient times religion gave knowledge and structure; memories are stimulated when we hear mantras, song, word/s taking us back to a time where we felt comfortable and safe. Other side of the coin… negative experiences of fear, trauma of those times! Either way, a calling card reigniting return to action replay. Obviously, the more lives lived the bigger conditioning and defaults to retain and perpetuate. 

Logically anything that is repeated over and over again such as mantras etc. will form a greater brainwashing and addiction effect.  Forming a template to live again. Rituals used enhanced substances, incense and heady oils. Addictions entrapped in formulas and defaults. Hence reincarnation to indelible programmes firmly set within. Continuing the treadmill, blind to achievements available in new life. An auric template, energetics, physicality and cells. Hormonal surges are the reset to live again. How many treadmills have been repeated mirrored into future lives? For some it is minimal, while others continue at 100%.

The new APP - Aquarian Solar gear living. The Divine Feminine have provided for these unique times. The key…Energetic HeARt performance. We live in exciting times of evolution. The illumination and vision quest of 21st centuary, ONEness acceleration, HeARt and Soul union.

Solar 5th gear living has been unachievable until now. The green light is on for advancement with maturity of age in 2021. Heart wisdom, where the real essence resides, held within the Energetic HeARt. Heart living, nurturing, fairness and compassion. The 21st illumination and vision quest, ONEness acceleration, HeARt and Soul union.  The Divine Feminine provided for these unique and revolutionary times. A helping hand to kick start individuals, groups and accelerate consciousness, feeding LOVE 24/7 opening doors to embellished, high energy peaceful living.  

Quan Yin channeled a spark of illumination energy to me in 2007. Asked me to teach, enlighten, illuminate, a package to rescue LIGHT bearers, new kids and sensitives etc. anyone, anywhere can receive this special Aquarian package and 21stcentuary advanced vision quest. I launched in 2010 when energy and consciousness was changing. The package termed ‘Power-of-3’, a rebirth  accelerated vision quest, illuminating self.

Power-of-3 LiGHt healing programme, awakens and activates dormancy.  Short circuits time span of achievement and goal of the Soul. Transformation, re-birthing takes nine months to achieve. No longer the long drawn out time frames of the ancients. We have the speeded-up 21st version NOW. Divine Feminine support package provides automatic inner awakening, cranking the handle, blowing cobwebs away with seven levels of clearing.  As each awakens and unites, we change, a domino effect of new consciousness. Helping Gaia and globally accelerating group consciousness. 

Power-of-3 is a digital-on-line training, available globally, helps to ignite individual, group and Gaia 3-fold-flame. A truly blissful state that goes on to awaken ‘I AM’; Inner ‘will’ surging heart flames of change, from ONEness, UNITY, Cosmic to Galactic. Aligning physical with energetic.  A high caliber advanced state to take above the parapet of suffering and limitation with hundredth monkey synergy. Jettisoning the old faded aspect of self to embrace HeARt true essence unity of Soul and Self.  Take the short route with Divine intervention, achieving  your vision quest in 2021. Don’t wait…align to Aquarian Solar fifth gear living, no previous experience is required.   On your way to Soul living/guidance, bliss, LOVE, UNITY. 

Joy Wisdom 


 Joy Wisdom: Author, Tutor, trainer. Advanced clinical practitioner and founder of Allonus ZEST for life programme; A leading Light for humanitarian advancement, awarded revolutionary training and Holistic health approaches. 

Pioneering advanced concepts for change.

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