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SECRETS of Life and Universal Living Spiritual Metaphysics - ARE you Spiritually Streetwise? Turn the tide on the unknown – education is the key. We have come a long way since Metaphysics was introduced Aliteral meaning of "beyond the physical." The term was invented by the 1st-century BCE head of Aristotle's Peripatetic school, Andronicus of Rhodes. Aristotle calls it "first philosophy" (or "Wisdom") and suggests "first cause and the principles of things".  An example of metaphysics is a study of God versus the Big Bang theory. I suggest we seem to have missed the point regarding spiritual metaphysics, we have become caught up in proving, finding the outcome, i.e. left brain, science, proving etc. misinterpreting the key which is all about us, and how we work from inside out! Instead getting caught up in more head and brain than heart and love. Essentially, we have lost our way over centuries of proving and left-brain dominance. Did you knowwe have x 3 HeARt Chakras? that without the 4thHeARt Chakra opened and functioning we cannot reach Solar living, Christ consciousness, Collective and UNITY consciousness? Did you know there are 7-levels of learning of LOVE? The closure of the HeARt chakra is one of the reasons we become depressed, anxious and stressed! Being a Sensitive or Empath we pick up on other people’s energies and the negativities in our environment. Reasons for feeling overwhelmed and can’t cope with life! Did you know – declining energetics causes illness and disorders in the physical? In training and workshops, I come across many people that are well read in the ways of spirituality, but little practice or living understanding. Reading just gives us knowledge. Unfortunately, no experience of that knowledge. Expertise comes from living it. Virtual and reading, does not give us the experience, internal knowing, spirit led or feeling of how spirit feels! Knowledge does not give answers as to how and why we are overwhelmed with life! Unaware living generated from little feeling and heart closure equals numbness. In my workshops I ask individuals to take a look at the internal self… energetically. Who and what they think they are from the mind, and what they find with internal reality are different perceptions. The mind is ego and lives the illusion whereas the heart and energetics tell the true story.  The mind gives the wrong impression and illusion of greatness. To live and gain spirituality we need to feel, see and understand our true internal reality.  Understand, if we are churning out negativity, living in anger and frustration, on the treadmill of survival, we will be causing internal damage to ourselves. Idolised terms of change, from ‘Lead into Gold’ – ‘Empty the vessel’ – ‘Live in the moment’ have been bandied about for years, but do we understand what it means? What do we feel it with? Are we enhancing or destroying internally?
  1. Do we know why?
  2. Why are we doing that?
  3. Whose choices are we living?
  4. Are we being driven by old life styles, historical IGTA transference and conditioning, or are we stuck in a rut and can’t get out?
Logically, we need to enhance at all times. Yet the majority of the population is on a quest to destroy, with negative emotions, intolerance, and purging the self at every turn.  Essentially, we are unaware what we do to ourselves. Unaware of internal converting and biology reaction that goes on to cause disorders and disease. Adverse reactions and actions that depletes life. The mind will not show us true reality …. Heart and energetics will. The above shows up dramatically in my workshops, Working with each student, looking at the barriers and limitation to advancement. The malfunctioning of the HeARt and energetics, are common themes highlighted. We can’t hide the truth of inner reality:  I compare the HeARt as a flower and petals, it is symbolic of the level of heart influence and/or receiving.  I am so sad when I hear people say one or two petals. Why? because the heart is barely alive or functioning and the 3-fold-flame is as a dying ember.  A&E is required to jump start the heart. The NEW App for LIFE and ‘Will’ to live With knowledge, information and reasons why, expansive education compared to a spiritual university level, practical details help to give the mind more awareness of the biological and emotional influences.  We are a whole unit, and the unit works as one, made up as parts, affecting each other, all is reliant upon the whole. Made up of our biology, energetics, subconscious mind b emotional being affected by outside influences. The SECRETS of life and Universal workshops, Allonus LiGHt Healing programmes, help to awaken, giving remedies and skills making way for the heart to switch on… The NEW App for LIFE and ‘WILL’ to live. Universal life workshop training is on a rescue mission to reawaken and bring life back into the HeART, having lain dormant and uninspired to live.  Indicated in emotions, depressed mental attitude, suppression and weariness people live. The Kick start of the HeARt is essential to bring life back We do not associate mental health and energetics, neither do we associate energetics with emotions, but both affect the decline of the physical as nothing is separate we are a unit, and all systems interface and work together, if one is out of kilter or declining then the rest of the systems will suffer and decline too. Logical. If only this was understood with chronic disorders such as Cancer etc., For we can make change through simple strategies and awareness. Which is what is taught in personal development, Universal Living, understanding the SECRETS of Metaphysic’s how we tick and how we can take control of us. An Induction entry level for Dissolve and Resolve Emotions (D.A.R.E) the NEW Revolutionary Therapy. I realised a long time ago that knowledge was not enough. We need to jettison the emotional hook-ins we have accumulated via Transgenerational transference and reincarnation, driving our lives now, metaphysically we have been limited by the mind, when the brain and heart should be working for us. Together for our best outcome, instead of fighting for position, ego and diversion, which is the driving force for many. People are surprised when I say I don’t have chatter all day in my head. I have peace and quiet.  A boon to society to live that way… and in the Universal-Life-5- days we aim to teach each student to a quiet mind.  Mindfulness is not enough to do this, meditation is a long road to attain. Why wait, when you can achieve in 5-days transformational training. Ø  Opening to new vistas of life only dreamt of. Ø  Live the Metaphysical dream every day 24/7. Ø  Jump hurdles of living avoid distraction and live with internal Satnav. Ø  Advance to live all 7 levels of LOVE: Master the art of metaphysics. Energetics are powerful and we have been kept away from the truth of how to use to keep us well and healthy, learn how to replenish and improve your life, avoid, prevent and jettison inherited generations of bad choices and limitation…. All in 5 days. See my article: Help yourself in this time of living transformation, via the Lions Gate New Tone, symptoms are many. Read new article on Empaths.  http://www.allonus.co.uk/index.php/blog/130-empath-gifts-how-are-your-gifts-serving-you Live the GOLDEN dream for advanced living, happiness and future destiny. BE Spiritually STREETWISE ~ SECRETS of Life and Universal Living – *Check dates for courses on website -  Run several times a year Founder Joy Wisdom A leading LiGHt for the Aquarian Age Awarded Inspirational Woman 2015; Awarded Practitioner of the Year 2018 Author, Tutor, Mentor; Inspirational speaker; Humanitarian; Founder of Allonus, D.A.R.E practitioners Therapy, LiGht Healing programme & OGP: Clinical Body-Mind-Emotion practitioner -specialising in psychological issues - Women’s and Children’s Health www.allonus.co.uk Follow us on Twitter and Facebook
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