Unity and Oneness 

Shell of Self - Oneness and Unity is banded about but do we really understand the meaning 

Part of the goals of life is to reunite all parts of ourself. The four bodies, physical, emotional, mental and etheric.  It seems quite a task, however there are accelerated methods to reach this goal. 

Through illness, emotional fallout, feeling unhappy, sad, anxiety etc., we fragment energetically and disconnect, becoming less of ourselves. A Shell of Self. Happened repeatedly  and previous lives. Accumulation of separation becomes bigger and wider as we progress. 

We gain ground when we start to feel happier and more positive in life. We start coming back to self. Sometimes when harsh lives are ongoing it takes specialist methods to help the individual to regroup, bringing all the jig saw pieces back to oneness. 

ONEness and Unity is also about the heart. Having a full functioning Tri-Heart centre (we have x 3 heart chakras) is the optimum level of living. Aligning oneness and living VIP frequencies of LOVE and nurturing. The fact is we have many dormant and off line gifts long forgotten, waiting for higher frequencies to switch on to the abundance of life.  

We are all connected under the universal law of ONE.

Meaning as we change individually we help collective consciousness change. 

As we heal and make positive change individually, we raise our energy vibration, heart frequency and become more positive in outlook and choice. 

Others around us feel those changes and also receive benefits radiating automatically. 

Collective consciousness is expanded…the more of us who reach this positive goal, using high energy frequencies are the ones who are helping to hold consciousness to a higher resonance. Giving the collective a stabilising effect. 

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