Twin Flame and I AM Presence 

Each half of the love twins connected etherically as they move towards reunion. Twin to the ‘I AM’ presence and to each other. Receiving a flow in matter from masculine to feminine in love on the horizontal level. On the vertical level between each polarity of love to the ‘I Am Presence’.

Each soul was divided into male and female polarities a balance of duality consciousness until once again higher planes can be accessed. This was meant to be temporary – through the fall into negativity and loss of purity taken longer than anticipated.   

When the twin loves fell it was gradual and over time lost the connection to the ‘I AM Presence’. The Elohim created soul vehicles of 4-lower bodies and light centers (Auric fields and Chakras) to assist the one that fell out of grace and protection of the mighty I AM. To find its way back to fullness. 

Each half was given a portion of universal Christ consciousness through a Christ being through the 3-fold flame (hidden in secret chamber of the 4th HeARt chakra in the heart) allowing Christ consciousness to be the mediator between self and I AM Presence.  As there are three HeART Chakras to open and live by solar LiGht the twins come closer together as they progress to HeART flame awakening of unity once more. 

Twin souls can progress together or separate. One may advance without the other through the Christ Self. If together they can eventually merge at the heart into the heart of I AM. 

If the one soul twin advances back to the ‘I AM’ and higher resonance it will work to rescue the other.

I offer various pathways to do so. Advanced spiritual education and understanding, specialist training and mentoring with solutions to Soul and spiritual capping. 1-2-1 sessions and advanced spiritual workshop training (Power of 3) with genetic code clearing, giving Soul advancements. Plus, Practitioners specialist training. 

A VIP progression back to the Soul, with various opportunities and choices.

Soul & Soul Psychology is a 2-day workshop to understand our Soul’s agenda and Karma. 

Lotus path programme to ascension and Soul integration.

Joy Wisdom 

Joy Wisdom Training

Book ‘Shell of Soul’ gives further information. See website. 

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