The world seems to have gone mad

During April 2018 there were two acts of abuse reported in our media The first was a four-year old who had been gang raped and then killed in India. The men were arrested, and riots followed.  A natural reaction you would think, as a child has been horribly molested and murdered. Surprisingly, the riots were not for the atrocities that took place. But demanding the release of the men. Hundreds of riotous Indian males took to the streets, as in their minds, the appauling abusive murder did not require punishment! Sexual abuse of women and children is not new.  What is new is the highlighting of our cultures and dominant male thinking around sex. The second reported issue was in Spain.  Five Spanish men in their late 20s known as the (Wolf gang) raped a girl in Pamplona during the San Fermin Festival July 2016. Testimony at the trial said the men offered to accompany the girl to her car but instead hauled her into a building where they filmed their assault with their phones. Judges acquitted the five men of gang rape. Nationwide protests followed as thousands took to the streets to protest, incensed by court sentence was not great enough. The court said, judges on the panel voted in favour of acquitting the defendants. Three judges chose the lesser abuse charge and costs to recompense the victim. Public uproar has pushed the government to question and review 1995 laws. But is reviewing laws enough? We already have laws.  It seems that laws are being abused by those within the judicial process ! Surely, we need to look at what is happening in our world around abuse. In my opinion it is a cultural and long-standing acceptance of abuse around the globe. There is no doubt that old practices and behaviour are rooted in cultural and religious acceptance of abuse. We would think Spain as a modern country with modern views, and yet the outcomes of the above case show otherwise.  Makes us wonder what the outcome would have been if there had been women judges involved in the decision?  Certainly, males have a different outlook on rape and abuse than women who experience more abuse and are victims of these actions. Men are judges and make judicial decisions, but how impartial are they in rape and abuse cases. When they have their personal roots in cultural practices accepted as normal?  And may even practice themselves in their personal interactions?   In workplace etc.?  At the moment there is no investigation to ‘judges’ personal preferences regarding abuse. They are supposed to be impartial.  But the above outcomes make us question their authority and thinking. If there is no impartiality, in the judicial system due to cultural and personal beliefs, surely there is no justice!  It makes us question if there is a closed shop approach as unveiled in the film industry.  Certainly, the corporate world has needed to clean up its act, regarding sexual abuse.   The norm of ages passed is no longer normal.  In the twenty first centuary it is unacceptable and judicially wrong. Yet who’s ancient thinking are we still adhering too? Who is still ruling us with outdated actions and beliefs? In France women are touched up every day on the tube and workplace and it is accepted as normal practices …. for men and some women.  When this could easily be removed from society with action, and policing.   Another area where silence has gone on far too long. Teaching our females this is the way of the world and we should accept! What a world are we showing our daughters and granddaughters, what purgatory and abuse are we prepping them for?  Are we grooming our daughters to receive abuse…are we part of the problem, by continuing ancient thinking, ancient normality, that is ABNORMAL? It makes a mockery of the security and protection we constantly have in place for our children. Ridiculas back to front thinking and practices, that needs eradicating.  Abuse has been used as a weapon to break women for centuries. Keep them in fear and small.  I would fight to protect my children from abuse.  And yet, old outdated ways of behaviour still stand although we have moved on from ancient ways of bullying and abuse. Abuse is a Reptilian brain activity, the drive for action and thinking. The dominant factor in the males who live this way. Conditioned to acts of abuse as a core natural action in some of our cultures. Viewed in the home, bombarded on media, film, TV and games. Brutality has become the norm where we are conditioned further. I think we will all agree abuse is a complex issue. A cancer that remains within families, cultures and lineages. There seems to be several factors in our modern society that promotes dominant actions and thinking around sex which is not helping our young. Ø  From an inheritance point of view, passing down the behaviour and thinking in the first place, transferred in formation and womb. A core belief passed on.   Victim and bully progression that is used within the home, culture etc., ignored and accepted to greater degrees as normal. In reality abnormal behaviour persists in this day and age We have just celebrated 100 years of liberation for women born from Suffragette pioneering. Yet we still live behaviour of bullying, abuse and intolerance of lineages, strong within core society.  Continuing behaviour towards women that was rife a hundred years ago. Sexual and physical abuse. Used to demigrate women and their will, separation of equality, respect, honour they deserve. Many suffragettes suffered from abuse in their plea to bring voting to the fore for all, (as shown from film footage of the times). Today in the West we believe equality to be a natural right. Our internet has brought many good things into our world.  From my perspective Porn is not one of them. Ø  Porn is easily available to all ages and the viewing population of boys and young males. Ø  Internet porn movies are being seen by eleven and twelve-year olds on their phones. Conditioning and grooming for abuse.  Brain washing them to become addicted to sex at a young age without the mental capacity of understanding that goes with the viewing. Ø  LOVE is not part of the projection of sexual interaction at all. It all revolves around hormonal stimulation and male puberty needs going on to create a base line of living brutal actions instead of the sanctity and bliss that comes from sacred intercourse coupling.  Missing the point of sexual interaction and the internal joy altogether. Instead sex becomes a mechanical action and gratification. A physical need. Driven by brain reptilian Brian dominance, a gratification and drive, the more brutal the better with adrenalin excitement!  Instead of Oxytocin release which is involved with bonding and love. Ø  Additionally, porn promotes several in a bed sex coupling. Grooming for gang rape!  The experiential outcomes are mammoth for present and future generations. Moving from love creation and compassion to addiction and brutality. What a world we are creating for our youngsters!  A world of negativity and fear is promoted for females, a twist from a hundred years ago, generating from addiction sex drive.   Perpetuating Testerone dominance. Over the last few years we have had great exposure of the film and celebrities’ world. The late Jimmy Savel scandal and Catholic Church religious exposures in child abuse. Those who put themselves on a pedestal above the law and morality have fallen greatly. In the film world inappropriate actions between celebs, their staff, fans and colleagues have rocked and shocked the world. Recent exposures have included actors and producers at the forefront, with rich and famous misconduct and sexual assaults. The tip of the iceberg in my opinion. From celebs such as Bill Crosby, Harvey Weinstein recent arrest, and refusal to accept blame of their actions as wrong. Revealing both male and female have been involved in abuse, haressment and assault. But also sworn to secrecy and bullying behaviour: The norm within the celebs world and all sworn to silence, to the wrong doing. Which leaves a sour taste for all compassionate and moral beings.   EGO is certainly ruling the sex perpetrators world. Harvey Weinstein, publically blamed conditioning from previous behaviour as normal. Having stated “he came of age in the 60s and 70s when all rules about behaviour and workplace were different. “That was the culture then” Little excuse for his behaviour today. In all cases exposing ‘little or no morality’ involved in cultural conditioning and acceptance as part of the bigger problem. Seeing women as fair game and using stealth tactics to devour and dominate females.  Actions that promote the actions and thinking in the book 50 shades of Grey. A book although successful in sales, is reported to be a book the majority don’t finish reading, as saturated by sexual dominance and control.  Losing the appetite to read more. We have had many exposures of sexual abuse in the last two years including comedian Bill Crosby (known as the American Dad), accused by several women that he would drug and sexually abuse, and only recently been found guilty in 2018.  A structured stealth attack. The goal being the dominance of the individual.   Conscious decision, planning the chase and threat, the pleasure and anticipation. The worrying thing is that women did complain and report to officials, as early as 2005, who either ignored or disregarded victim’s complaints due to Crosby’s celebrity status!  Never the less privately both Harvey Weinstein and Bill Crosby paid off victims or buy their silence.   And reportedly even employed PR companies and private detectives to threaten via third parties. The recent uprising in the film, Media and TV industry has brought highlights to the fact that the industry does not have a HR system for victims to complain and register their complaints as other companies do.  Therefore a charity called ‘Michael’s line’ has been set up to help. Similar to Child line, individuals can register their experiences and get advice.  People’s details are anonymous. My book Mirror Imageexposes facts and solutions to the links and cultural dominance to continue odd, inappropriate, outdated ways of living that continue today, on a global scale. I am the founder of revolutionary Therapy practices that help with the removal of addiction, inappropriate ways of living from cultural and lineage influences. Specialist practices in abuse, depression, PTS, psychological issues and trauma.  Works in a fast way. No counselling, hypnotherapy or regression is involved. In my opinion clients are in enough trauma and talking about it only adds to their issues instead of taking it away. Which is what Dissolve and Resolve Emotions achieves… removal and resolution. Takes away the hurt and trauma, restoring self-esteem and self-worth to new standards of living. Additionally individual personal transformation and regeneration workshops with exclusive Therapy training on an individual and soul regeneration level are available. 01691 718927 Follow Joy Wisdom on Facebook and Twitter
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