The Post Office scandal

The Post Office scandal - injustice that could have been avoided.


The horrific elongated practices to Post Office managers and staff has been appauling. Society is shocked at the timescale and extreme behaviour, legal bullying tactics used by Post Office management. Post office culture has developed from CEO, board and lawyers extensive prosecution policy. After twenty years we are hearing and seeing the truth of their atrocities and injustice to staff.


The atrocities of ruin, losing their homes, bankruptcy, long term mental health, even suicide caused due to alleged computer error is extraordinary. The bigger point is they have carried on persecuting accusing staff when no prosecution or evidence had been found.


The concentration of business brand above all else has been shocking

Described as siege mentality, aggressive approaches by post office management.

Bullying tactics, hiding the real cause. Innocent PO mangers were used as an excuse for faulty IT programmes. Each day more is exposed by the enquiry. No amount of money will compensate for the losses and atrocities endured. Scarred for life, from cold individuals cause and effect decisions. Time will tell if real justice will be served to perpetrators.


Unfortunately this type of aggression is the tip of the iceberg.

Constantly seen in today’s large businesses, hospitals, banks, BT, utility services to name a few. The fobbing off, aggressive behaviour with lack of clarity, misleading response is common and the norm when interacting. Trying to sweep truth under the carpet, when challenged, documents go missing, interaction dates lost, etc,. Convenient tactics to undermine who dares to ask questions exposing reality. Insulting our intelligence and undermining TRUTH.


The Post office scandal has opened pandoras box of atrocities and business policy. Executives having more concern with ‘brand’ instead of people. Morals are missing in business and highlighting corruption and underlying appauling dark practices out of step in our enlightened society thinking today.


Business, public services and government owned companies need to take a long hard look at their inhouse culture, head in sand out of date approach; urgent change is required to accommodate reality and stop inhuman legal and otherwise practices, remove cold inhuman approaches, as post office has subscribed to. People count more than brands!


Karma is made of this… ignoring people is a karmic crime! When will we wake up to reality!


I applauded those who have had the strength of commitment for TRUTH, despite their experiences, exposing injustice in business and to humanity.  We must speak out and stand up to those who live by corruption and lies, if we don’t nothing changes, and we are as bad as them for ignoring truth!


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