The month of soul

Amazing really does start here! We live in transitional times. Aquarian age is fully upon us and we are being pushed to align to our Soul agenda. Enjoy advanced training, New career, New YOU. 

Many people are using lockdown time to reflect on what they would like to develop or let go of in their lives. Pandemic has focused the mind and heart; Catalysts of change for many of us. As we emerge from our lock-in cocoon, taking steps to be personally pragmatic, moving forward for a better future for themselves and those around them. Reflecting, appreciating the beautiful blessings we already enjoy in our lives. We are moving into a time of inner peace, inner transformation. Materialism becomes less important.. reality is the focus of what is important, reducing 'I' to 'WE', as we embrace tolerance and awareness on a big scale.  Including looking deeply with at ourselves!

We are being guided to nurture ourselves and appreciate life, to look all the positives in life. Looking inside to find Peace, Grace and Solace, areas ignored for sometime for some individuals. 
Living outside of ourselves and from materialism has brought separation. Soul agenda is held biologically, energetically and physically. When we have mismatched internal abilities it can cause anxiety and stress. Adverse Trauma, anxiety, weariness and depression will affect our Soul... and vice versa. The impacts are more than physical and hit hard at a Soul and psychological level. Soul becomes out of kilter with the individual.
Joy has solutions ...with several options on offer. Allonus can hold your hand and help you accelerate your transformational journey back to Soul. No previous experience required.

Reduced costs with online learning and receiving... in the comfort of your own home.
1) Power of 3 programme                         ~ Stage one             
2) Soul & Soul Psychology weekend       ~ Open to anyone
3) D.A.R.E specialist Therapy training    ~ Intermediate level
4) D.A.R.E Induction                                    ~ Open to anyone 

*See dates for courses on website

Soul & Soul Psychology is a weekend of discovery. Your Soul is crying out for connection. Your chance to feel the warmth and love of Soul, remove impacts and loss of the long division lived. The most amazing clearings and Temple of transition received. An awesome weekend of change and resurrection of self.  No previous experience required. All you need to do is turn up while you and Soul receive.  A win-win. 

D.A.R.E Induction: D.A.R.E route is for one-to-one plus self discovery with tools to help others with specialist HeART centred approach.
The new cutting edge transformational package championing alternative approach to get your life back. Gives solutions and answers to WHO ARE YOU. We are more than the physical and live Transference and overviels from previous trauma, fitting like a glove. Weakness remains in body-mind-emotional basis defaulting to previous traumas and behaviour. Hidden factors driving health issues, irrational fears and depression.  Are you on the treadmill of life with low self esteem or abundance?
A fast track way to ditch the past and set you free.  
Entry for Dissolve and Resolve Emotions, (D.A.R.E) Practitioners Foundation training.  See video.

Block booking with extra discounts: Spread the cost options:
CMA registered college: CPD approved 

D.A.R.E Practitioners Training: 
An Intermediate training, entry level  Foundation F3-4 completed.
D.A.R.E & Soul brings a new arm with specialist HeARt centred approach in Holistic Therapies. Previously we did not have the abilities or resonance to work on a Soul level. Joy brings NEW unique approaches to Holistic training with the specialist SACRED approach.   I am delighted to bring this teaching forward to D.A.R.E practitioners.
Power of 3: Transform yourself with VIP powerhouse energy from the Divine Feminine. On-line Heart felt training:
Say goodbye to stress and anxiety   
ONE Love DILH, helps to dissolve malignancy of ages past. Energetic healing processes soften and release limitations; receive matrix re-calibration, releasing emotional barriers, re-setting ancestral patterns. Energy increases and puts a line under harsh living. Expands, transforms awareness. High vibrational healing is applied to heal body and mind. Kickstarting dormant processes, feeding LOVE 24/7.  
Enjoy a powerhouse of gossamer LIGHT, weaved with personal support. Brings a state of enlightenment and wellbeing. Enjoy divine feminine ‘YIN’ energy, as held by Mother Mary and Mary Magdalene.  Receive Mother Love.  Live from Solar frequencies and Sacred HeARt (2nd of 3 HeARt Chakras held).  Live LIGHT-house effect with advanced powerful energy. Softens environment and others around you. Align to new consciousness with heart centred support.

  1. 3 HeARt’s : 4th Heart Chakra, Sacred and Cosmic HeART activations
  2. Opens ONEness, Unity, Sacred, Cosmic and Galactic* consciousness
  3. 3 - NEW advanced high frequency healing methods

Amazing solutions to easier life ... contact for FREE Power-of-3 taster.  
Practitioners radiate high vibrational energy to those receiving, transmuting, purifying dense dysfunctional energies into gossamer LiGHT. A must for sensitives and Empaths.  Receive a clearer mind, reduce stress and new skills for LIFE. 
See website for alternative dates available: 
Advanced on-line training. CMA approved training school. No previous experience required.

Contact office for FREE D.A.R.E taster.

Joy Wisdom founder: You tube interviews : Articles, Books: CD’s: DVD


Video D.A.R.E & Health Introduction
See website and You Tube -

We are being guided to nurture ourselves and appreciate life, to look at all the positives in life. Start to look inside to find Peace, Grace and Solace, areas ignored for sometime for some individuals. 

Remove Emotional pain, Adverse trauma, depression
with LOVE and nurturing 

Transformational self discovery with tools for life via Induction, Soul & Soul Psychology
The cutting edge specialist HeART centred training
The D.A.R.E route is for one-to-one Therapy: 
Practitioners revolutionary awarded training programme to help others

Time to Ditch it ...Don't Live it 

Y suffered with fatigue and depression after x 2 DARE sessions she reports......
"I have felt so well since the last session.  I'm not depressed. Husband said 'I am a different person'.  The fear has pretty much gone too..... I do feel different. I feel so much lighter and loads more rational.  It's incredible, what a difference D.A.R.E is making.  I feel much more able to be in the now than ever before.  It's miraculous" 



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