The Heat is on - By Joy Wisdom

The energies of August have been pushing buttons for everyone on planet earth. The 2019 Lions gate brought new opportunities …summer energies are going to continue to upshift, September brings more influences and alignments targeting us individually as well as globally. All will continue over the next decades as we step further into Aquarian age frequencies, much higher than we have experienced previously. I have been predicting these changes for twenty years and the process of ACCELERATED new is upon us and there is no time to wait. June and July have been described as the most intense yet… with constellation and planetary alignments bringing choice points to reset-realign ourselves in reality, truth and integrity, connecting to our real authentic self. The June solstice brought a flow of high frequency love and light from the Cosmos to Gaia, giving us opportunities of aligning the multi-faceted selves giving the green LiGHt for switch on, affecting our nervous and hormonal systems. We have many elements which have lain dormant for eons, biologically being ignited for upshift and access for individuals.  July had two potent eclipses, giving a powerful effect on Gaia, pivotal for future change. Long-term planetary alignments will continue to affect us for the next twelve to fourteen months. Even though we may not see the moon eclipse visually, 2nd, 16th & 17th July, it would affect us energetically focusing on family and home, we feel and influenced by the eclipse moon energies. Certainly, affecting Gaia, our environment and visioning how we are caring or not for the planet, will be in our face once more; to realise we are guardians of earth and need to act fast to save us from bad choices the destructive actions from our forefathers! A wake-up call for all, as outdated previous strategies and ways of life are being challenged to upgrade to what we need for the Aquarian Age. Eclipse energies will challenge us to align to our soul’s path. There is an urgency to do so… to get on with the job, step up to our goal and life plan. Essentially buried emotions will surface; vulnerability can be felt as we become more conscious of our reality and duping that has led us astray. Mindsets will be challenged; we see this on our TV and media coverage daily. Globally we are being shaken up to move on, trying to cut the ropes that bind us to olde outdated living. Choice points We have many choice points in our life. Some are more potent than others. We make decisions daily which will cause contra indicators to come. (Something I teach about in D.A.R.E Induction). We have exit points that the soul, who has options to put in place if we do not achieve our goals in life. Transference interference has anchored old into new… we are affected by our ancient lineages without knowing and it is this that pulls us back time and again from living our own life. Diluting any upshift in change, keeping us on cycles of life that can be accelerated if connected internally through energetics, 6thSenses and consciousness. I see this constantly in workshops and one-to-one D.A.R.E sessions. Harsh living and continued suffering that could be avoided with present day living. Instead mindsets divert and elongate unwanted emotional and behavioural states inherited and conditioned without consent. The June eclipse is encouraging us to get with the Soul programme. To enjoy life instead of continued neglect of the self. Individually, we can change and jettison fast when aligned to our own inner gift’s and hidden assets, unseen and unknown. Transformation is possible. Achieved with D.A.R.E Induction and Allonus Light Healing programme can provide and all you need to do is turn up! Lions Gate 2019 The Lions gate portal opening is generally high in energies and used to assist upward motion for humanity. Although the dates are between 27thJuly to the 12thAugust, at their most intense around 7/8thAugust.  When grid earth points of the Sphinx and Great pyramid of Giza receive for Gaia. The Sun is the ruler of Leo. The fiery powerful energies of Leo, depicted by the sign of a lion, associated with the star Sirius. Intensity and peak do not stop at the 12th; the energies download, fading in and fading out as we move beyond the designated time frame; energies are felt at 27thand start to reduce during 12thAugust. The impacts continue and create catalyst change for all of us. In some cases, the start of an ongoing process that can take a full year to achieve completion. During the Lions Gate opening we become more aligned to the Galactic core. Those born under the sign Leo feel and embrace the fire energies, helping to align to their birth energies, soothing, feeding calm within the time period of intensity, feeding our heart and soul. Lion gate energies recharges Leos and fire signs. For other star signs it can feel too much, and those who are on their spiritual awakening can feel challenged and overwhelmed with the intensity of Lions gate energies. The energies of Leo certainly push us to move ever forward. Leo energies are powerful and transformational. Bringing universal principles of Love and Freedom as it flows through the constellation of Leo. Stimulating alignment of the heart and soul to illuminate mindfulnessand right use of power for common good. Those who live with the Leo constellation energies dislike injustice and are often found to be pioneering new ways and radical thinkers. They lead with the heart and make heartfelt decisions with others in mind. New or olde? The previous months energies have highlighted weakness and imbalances. Anything that has come to light recently is unlikely to be new. Patterns, triggers and emotions of transference additionally, created in lifetimes will be in focus, inherited, conditioned and accumulated bubbling up for eradication, with ‘ditch it don’t live it’ promotion. Taking control and responsibility of the self instead of being led to follow like sheep of olde. For it is us who will make the world a better place to live in…moving humanity forward with positive loving frequencies, holding positive balance while transformation takes place. In the Light Healing Programme, the foundation stage, (Diamond Inguz LiGHt Healing), we are taught to feed Gaia with the magnificent 5-7thD energies of the Diamond grid. This has been done daily since 2010. Not only does it help Gaia and our environment it helps us individually to receive from Gaia. Above and below the energies feed us and we radiate it individually.  Allows us to be more mindful of what we are doing daily. Gives us more spatial awareness and opens the heart to receive abundance of love and nurturing. Alignment of the individual and grounding is also incorporated. A support package for everyone (no previous training is required). Designed to assist and ride future changes for smooth passage. Avoiding fall out and rejects absorption of other people’s and environmental negative energies. The package is spectacular and transforms people’s lives overnight. With the changes it helps to change our environment, we feel safer in the world, less vulnerable as aligned to high energies that enhances us internally and externally to allow positive enhancements. Therefore, when constellation, portal and/or planetary enhancements arrive we can soak up and enjoy instead of reeling from the high frequencies. We can be prepared …. turn up and receive. Couldn’t be simpler. During the Lions gate portal opening of 2019 many opportunities are used to enhance the spiritual state… For Allonus Joy launched two new modules during the Lions Gate Portal opening. The powerful energies of the Lions Gate helped to facilitate the launch of the most exciting and significant D.A.R.E module yet. Completing the Intermediate set of specialist training; giving a new approach, championing emotional and mental health pioneering fast and efficient change for clients. The outstanding career path for practitioners. Bringing excellence in training available for Therapy practitioners advancing increased capacity of change for clients. August was the energetic platform to launch the new D.A.R.E & Mental Health module, launching another potent D.A.R.E Intermediate module. The powerful energies of the Lions Gate helped to facilitate the launch of the most exciting and significant D.A.R.E module yet. Completing the Intermediate set of specialist training; giving a new approach, championing new radical skills for emotional and mental health, pioneering fast and efficient change for clients. Pioneering new approaches to health with exclusive access with ‘Joy’s award-winning Excellence in training’ advancing increased capacity of change for clients. The outstanding career path for practitioners.
  1. A.R.E & Soul in late July
  2. A.R.E & Mental Health at the height of Lions gate 5-9thAugust
Both specialist trainings have been spectacular, and results are wonderous: I don’t usually launch two big Intermediate training so close together and the pressure to produce and launch was tremendous. Both are big subjects and the world needs faster approaches to help humanity in accelerating approach for Aquarian Age needs. It is heartening to realise we are on our way and the new techniques for clearing lineage/ culture anchoring will remove faster with the two stupendous additions to our specialist list. There is nothing like the techniques on offer and it is a pleasure to facilitate advancing new concepts for humanity. Why are these two modules so different? The championing ways of D.A.R.E goes to new heights Giant steps have been made. Yes, we already have many levels of fabulous D.A.R.E techniques to help generally with mental and emotional transference; bringing enhancements to individuals, locked into generational health issues, physical and emotional demise including depression and anxiety. And we have made great strides to help all those who were suffering; Enabling clients to get their lives back. However, I realised the indelible anchoring for brain formation in utero and skewed transference had another level to attain. Hence the new D.A.R.E & Mental Health module where we can assist in releasing the patterns and programmes transferred. No longer relevant and setting people free from old thinking, vulnerable behaviour and emotional states relived. To say the new techniques are magnificent is putting it lightly. We now have a whole new tool box to liberate subconscious mind from subdued living and enhance brain activity, jettisoning anxiety and depression which is the scourge of our age. Bruised from birth There are many combinations and weaves of packages of being bruised before birth and at/from birth. We are aware of contamination and flawed living from the mother drinking alcohol and drug use: causing slower growth physically and cognitive impairment and stupification (known as Foetal Alcohol Syndrome). Additionally, Utero lack of positive hormonal stimulus will also cause reduced brain pathway development missing key areas of alertness and compassion. Neural under development will be affected, equalling cognitive dysfunction and emotional over activity involved in ADHD and survival behaviour. Bonding is felt from the womb as well as when born, neglect of the infant in Utero and life, will bring development of Psychopathic numbness, Attachment disorder, Personality disorders etc. And we wonder why society is addicted to stimulants such as alcohol, caffeine and drugs, because that is the only way they feel when in excess of stimulation substances (sugar, caffeine drinks, alcohol and drugs etc.,) as individually cannot rely on the body to provide feelings and support; in essence burnt out by too much stimulation and adrenal overload. Balance is the key to all things and regulating with correction allows the body to relax and regain control for the individual to live a ‘normal’ life. Instead of what they have known all their lives … dysfunction and out of control, unable to feel safe in the world! D.A.R.E can and does help to turn children and adults around from chaotic to smooth living in a small time frame of sessions. Clients feel the difference from day one… with no medication in sight! 1 in 6 suffers from depression in our world today; young and old age is not a barrier to mental health. D.A.R.E gives answers, facts and solutions to embryonic bruising and conversion. Gets to the nitty gritty of utero, lineage and culture transference and eradicates the hold, corrects emotional tainting and overveiling of inheritance, in all areas of health disorders, especially, core mental and emotional health issues such as depression and anxiety. As mental and emotional health are at the core of all health issues, we need to deal with the key areas for improved health outcomes. 2) D.A.R.E & Soul specialist training– realising spiritual development at a faster pace Through cutting edge vision and new perceptions are delivered with D.A.R.E skills. Helping those on their spiritual path to attain the goal of the Soul to engage with the individual, drive change and guide to higher levels of attainment. The Sols goal is Ascension and realise spiritual development at a faster pace. Not only for the individual but for future generations who are waiting for us to deliver change! Essentially, it means Soul Groups are having a bigger role to play and work with us in D.A.R.E sessions. With this module training practitioners are being taught how to work with the Soul needs, remove their suffering and help liberate from suffering and poverty consciousness. Working directly with Soul and Soul Groups to rescue those who have been lost to us through the decades. Techniques are faster acting therefore making a bigger picture difference for all concerned. Allonus championing excellence in knowledge and solutions for solving mental and emotional health issues. One to one Therapy in your area – contact office for more details; Personal development training D.A.R.E Induction 5-days advanced training - A broader picture of health issues and cause of emotional stress. Highlighting Generational Transference, heart of our disorders and mental health issues today created via Utero, life mirroring and environmental absorption.  New visions on BODY-Mind-Emotion-Spirit: Energetics, Physicality, A & P, hormonal, Digestion and nervous system explained to deeper levels. Check out website for further details
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