The Spiritual Journey and Surrender by Joy Wisdom

For eons we have endured a long trek to the Soul and Twin Flame. Our spiritual journey requires us to align with our ‘Twin Flame’, allowing us to align to ‘Soul Trinity’ correcting the split of Soul, into three, with masculine, feminine, returning soul to unity and ONEness as lived in Atlantis.

The human awakening starts the process to build a link, ‘Akarnania’ builds a bridge back to the Soul.  Soul starting one side, individual strengthening with integration of self, balancing our four-selves with no disconnection or glitches to of self.  (ONE UNIT, Body-Mind-Emotion-Spirit-Energetic). 

Soul is aware of the slow pace of human evolvement, preferring the easy route of mind.

Many aspects of human biological, phycological, energetic, have been disconnected through the ages. Reincarnation has left its mark, pushing us deeper into negative human development.  Human awakening (living from the HeART) and Soul awakening has been lost through the ages. Awakening the heart, higher consciousness, is the start. A signal for Soul to start building a bridge.  The goal is to meet in the middle.

Consciousness and heart flame (3-fold flame) ignites with HeART awakening

Realising we are more than the physical.  Consciousness, 6th sense, spatial awareness of a bigger aspect of us to tap into.  The journey begins slowly.  We may have revisited this stage many times in our evolvement and reincarnation, yet not quite succeeded to attain.   The mind gets weary and gives up on the journey as hard work to climb the ladder of awakening. Direct action is required from each of us. Not a tick box.  We have to awaken and be committed to the journey.

Many have failed and missed their opportunities, having surrendered to the dominance of mind.  Suppressed and repressed themselves in the process.  Missing the point of spiritual journey. Preferring to meditate, chant and do little to attain mastery of self… time passes, and soul is weary.  We feel Soul weariness on an emotional and physical level, often felt as depression and anxiety.  

The mind is stoic, sees not point. Being too analytical, intelligence won’t see the spiritual benefits. Won’t surrender to Soul… mind thinks it is superior to Soul!

Over time, forgotten the spiritual rule book, made life journey more harrowing, as neglected self, by decerning from mind instead of the heart. 

The soul does not align with the mind.  Only HeART holds all keys, attributes and frequencies to accept and connect to SOUL.  The ART of HeART, has all the answers, understanding, offers a faster way to get back to Soul.

The bridge is a key aspect of human surrender to the divine and Soul journey. Both moving towards the middle of the bridge to meet as ONE.

The Soul will try to help us on our journey. Coming closer to influence and nudge us in the right direction. Do we or can we listen to Soul?  What we say we want and what and how we apply is very different as the mind is more in charge than individual.

Surrender of the mind can be challenging. Mind has dictated for too long. Mind doesn’t want to handover long standing power away to Soul. Putting us off!  Questions everything.. ‘failure, no point’. Outcome ‘not perfect, not worth the effort’. Keeping us locked into lower consciousness, blind to the abundance and enormous lottery win we can live daily when aligned and living to our Soul agenda.

The minds idea of surrender is very different to Soul!

There’s no doubt it is a complex and weave of measures, to understand how dysfunctional we are or have become. Disassociated from ourselves and Soul can be sobering. Blind. Settle for less in outlook. Expect all to come to us without any effort. Essentially, waisted time, while ancients/cultures conditioning and beliefs led us down false trails. We lived limited understanding for eons. Left us stranded, distracted and blind to the truth of Soul journey. 

From a Soul’s point of view, either on the journey with vigour to complete or not.

No half measures.

Students say they want to connect to the Soul. Of course they do, in their minds way! Negativity, karma and low energy holds us back in our quest. Before we can attain, must correct negativity to positive. No Karma and improve our energy to higher solar frequencies.  Integrate our whole human self. Remove mind control to HeART living.

Soul standards are high.  Purity is key to receive approval with energetic frequency coding to next stage.

A big list to attain. We can with guidance and training to awaken the dreamer within. Until we do, we are stuck in treadmill, going nowhere, low energy causing mental, physical disorders, driven by emotions. Living survival, fear of attainment. Unloved and separate from Soul. A situation reflected around the world. There is no UNITY or ONEness.

From a soul point of view we are blind, deaf and dumb.  Need a kick up the derry air to get going… Time to come into reality instead of the dream state lived, detached waiting for others to deliver, living shell of soul. Soul has waited long enough. 

The fall from Atlantis, brought a new template to live. Soul left Atlantean human state,  could not live  lower frequencies. It is the same today.  A new template to climb back to the soul. Returning to higher consciousness, awareness of our authentic self.  Template included karma, chakras and energies to master, to master ourselves to return to the Soul… Surrender to the soul.  Purity brings surrender to self. Acknowledgement and nurturing. Honour, respect.

On our quest to reawaken throughout history, our choices, decisions, controls and negative living has proved a bigger mountain to climb. Ancient cultures created more than expected and although the soul is continuing to awaken. Essentially, we need to start looking at us. What karma do we create daily to hinder our journey to Soul? Are we aware of our actions?

Rejecting and abandoning self and Soul, unaware of the impacts and ripple effect caused.  Neglect ourselves and soul at the same time… making karma in the process, keeping us on the treadmill of negativity and shell of soul living! Continuing the status quo decline. We need re-educating to reduce hardships of life experienced.

Universe and Cosmic assistance encourages surrender to self and ultimately Soul.

Cosmic Assistance:

Cosmically 11.11.2023 started a 40-day/night universal rewind of the Veils of Maya, ending at Solstice 21.12.2023. Over thousands of years we have built negativity recognised by the Mayan culture, Hindu religions etc. ancient cultures acknowledged the subconscious and conscious creations yet continued to try and fix with the mind.  When energetic and emotional creations keeping us stuck. 

A great and unique revelation on a cosmic scale to help reduce Karma. However it is still down to what we individually, culturally create, as to how fast changes will be felt.

Cosmically it is hoped the removal of accumulated ancient veils will allow humanity to awaken to reality. Shedding blind spots, stop karmic outcomes. recognising falseness conditioned. 

Life will improve when we move to surrender to Soul. Step out of the fog and veils of low energy. Awaken to reality, take charge of our mind, stop negative emotions and enjoy improved wellbeing. Reducing conflict of inner awakening.  Embracing inner sat nav soul guidance.

Live bliss, awaken to evolution of  humanity. It can be yours with inner change, grace and ease and training guidance…

Listen to the HeART for the inner gold map. Not the head!

Let it be your resolution for 2024


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