Special gift of Empaths

Empathic Skills bring enormous gifts and abundance. Are you receiving to optimum level?
By Joy Wisdom

Being an empath is a special gift.  It means we are compassionate, hold spatial awareness, aware of others feelings and distress. An excellent tool, when used efficiently a preventative aid and gives us guidance. Used in career, brain Empathic skills are a natural ability we have used and developed in other lives. Some Empaths see this as a gift, while others are in fear, see it as a dilution and curse to their life. 

I am very aware of the ups and downs of being an Empath and found out the hard way of what to do and not do, to help myself. 

You don’t have to be a healer to be empathic. Both genders are empaths and come from many different backgrounds. Often we don’t recognise the skills of empaths. Often known as ‘Sensitives’.  Feelings and sensations normal and lived all our lives. We learnt to stay out of large groups as negative chaos received was too much; many hide away from life becoming recluse. I realised I lived empathic ways when I learnt Reflexology and I could feel others pain, distress and anxiety, also felt when healing others, my husband was concerned. I was not as I knew it was a natural tool to give me better understanding, helping me understand the bigger picture and emotions involved. 

As a long seasoned practitioner I became aware of clients packages of negativity and troubles left at my door (individuals were not unaware of their actions) when attending a workshop or client session. As an Empath I was very aware and had to find ways of clearing it for myself and further more for clients/students. Unfortunately, this was not taught in my therapy or practitioner training. I had to find ways of removing for myself and clients. I came up with specific methods to help myself using my 6th senses and inner sat nav. Which serve me well.

Being an Empathic has its positives and negatives. We can receive feeling and Empathic sensations from anywhere, in the home on the street, public transport, workplace and just standing in the supermarket checkout.  In most cases individuals do not understand the impacts, action and reactions to an Empath.  When using empathic gifts, we are receiving the transmission from one to another. A gift of understanding, generating compassion. The skills help us to know if we feel safe or secure in our environment. And are in motion 24/7 daily.

Through the ages, empaths have been feared, misunderstood and maligned from their celestial abilities, survival became an underground secret group.    The gifts of an Empath are enormous and I come across gentle souls who are overwhelmed and out of kilter from lack of empathic use; Lost in the melee of life holding on to past life fears, influencing today. Underestimating the difference reconnection makes, understanding the full extent of their ‘switch on’ to individual Empathic gifts and capabilities.  Inner ‘Sat Nav’ signposting helps to improve everything, saves time and money, enhancing life 24/7. Holding all the keys to abundance etherically! 

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Joy Wisdom 08.22

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