Soul Psychology comes from Esoteric psychology

The goals of the soul are misunderstood and unappreciated by the majority of the population. Not realising that working with the soul and taking understanding to another level makes our life easier. The biggest goal of the soul is PURITY. To influence the individual to eliminate all negativity and resolve emotional issues from their lives. Remove all negative absorption and emotional transference from family, lineage etc., One of the goals for all of us is to remove blockages, barriers and impacts we have accumulated through this life and legacies passed on via our families and cultures. Soul groups are working together to bring this into fruition, to pave the way forward for a positive Aquarian age society. Our blindness and innocence to the reality of our situation here on planet earth, is slowly coming into focus. Planetary retrograde alignments are pushing us this summer (as they have over the past twenty years) to awake and deal with what we have inherited and created via our own choice and will. Vast awakening is ahead of us and the quicker we awaken and take up the opportunity the better for all of us. We are here to clean up our act, as our families before us have not dealt with much in the way of Piscean atrocities lived and passed on. Emotional fall out remains living behaviour that is out of date and reactions that are inappropriate. Transferred from one generation to another, passing on once known and lived in tact to relive. We could be living our great uncle’s views, actions and reactions of intolerance and anger, or our great, great, grandmother’s emotions of depression, fear and anxiety. If we are lucky and follow switched-on family members who progress with the age, behaviour could be knocked out, diluting and eradicating old ways and embracing new Limbic brain activity, with brain development, encompassing love, bonding, tolerance, compassion and discretion. Good awakened folk, who pave the way for those to come.  If on the other hand if we have followed a numb, fearful and out of body generation, we will have inherited the full blown ridgity and limitation of ages past. Stuck in a rut and unable to embrace or move on in the times of evolution. This is where we become a clone of our previous generations, warts and all. Sometimes impacts and legacies skips a generation and full blown impacts are mismatched with the individual, mirroring their ancestors to ninth degrees, without knowing or signing up for the experience.  This is where the Soul agenda is diverted. Souls goals are hindered, and side tracked to enormous proportions. Leaving a bitter pill to swallow for the individual and soul to swallow.  Missing opportunities and life passes by without change. Swallowing up huge swathes of life in the process and we wonder why we can’t move on, why we become frustrated and depressed with lack of action.  Stuck in a rut with no way out! The soul has lived many lives of the above. Sadness and frustration are common outcomes at a soul level, where the soul becomes weary of the long slow path taken in life. With the till roll of attainment getting longer and further out of reach.  Essentially, our cultures, lineage and families have followed each other like sheep to greater degrees, not stepping out of line or unable to do so! Creating Karma and dilution of their culture in the process. Unfortunately, Karma, promises, vows, allegiance and loyalty are passed down. Together with curses and spells delivered through the ages by those long gone, but still in action transferred through DNA, genetics, energetics, biology and brain formation. Anchoring old outdated behaviour, actions and reactions that no longer hold a place in today’s society. Our young are fed up of picking up the tab. They are weary of the weight of negativity handed down. And we wonder why our children are depressed, anxious and stressed, why they self-harm and turn to social drugs! The Soul is crying out for help, needing assistance to eliminate old ways and get back to the original goal of our life’s agenda. Dissolve and Resolve Emotions (D.A.R.E) can remove limitation and influences that are not yours. Give answers and understanding as to why, how etc., stop wasting time, accelerate your life and get time back – No time to lose, we need to get on with our Journey of Life! Receive professional training, find out and clear in inspirational and recreational workshops or receive ‘One-to-One’ sessions. D.A.R.E has been devised to clear all levels, with techniques that have been mastered by elders, bringing wisdom and clarity for individuals, a quick turnaround allowing them to move on in their life’s journey with grace and ease. Receiving a deeper connection to the SOUL and their agenda. After all we have lost enough time already, trying to clear our vessel of discord and trauma often being lost in the wilderness of life, confused, diverted and making the wrong choices.  “I have already done this before” Often, I treat people who say they have dealt with situations and clearing in their lives before. “I dealt with this 3 years ago,” they will state. Unfortunately, it is from the mind that they have dealt with the emotional event and not the cellular or psychic levels. This means that the patterns are still inherent, alive and kicking, influencing and controlling behaviour and emotional outcomes, holding on to impacts from shock or trauma received.         No one’s fault …..Maybe dealt superficially, what was known at the time, a partial level cleared. Sometimes it is the mind that will dupe us into thinking we have dealt with it.  The ego is another area where truth is not always first priority. We only get the real truth from the heart.  The heart is the barometer to being honest with the real truth. Unfortunately, if the heart is not open or functioning to full capacity it will not be able to give you the proper answer you or your client are looking for. That is why it is essential to open the heart and clear the debris that has lingered for centuries, from wounds and lack of love. (As taught and resolved in D.A.R.E Induction and personal development, Secrets of Life programme). The heart can close at any time when trauma and shock ensue, it is a natural protection and action, we have been regenerating throughout time and history. Many patterns and triggers will close the heart, the only way the soul knows to protect itself however, there is a down side. We become numb to other feelings, in our own glacier effect ensues. Living this way, it can take eons to re-open and clear the heart from the many occasions when hurt was felt. Compared to thawing the freezer for the first time after many years of use, layers will be slow to melt when doing it on your own. It will be a slow road to revelation! With D.A.R.E techniques (in a one-to-one session or personal discovery with SECRETS (Induction) workshop, this is a short-lived process. Where hurdles of life are eliminated as no longer relevant due to clearing. The beauty of this is many fold including helping to clear family members, lineages and cultures into the design of D.A.R.E techniques. Yes, we may feel we are in a heap at the bottom of the freezer broken and melting, but how liberating and free we feel at the end. As with any physical rejuvenation there will be a process of change and elimination. I have been opening hearts for many years it was a technique I realised I had and used it to help others come back to themselves. After all, if the heart is numb so are we. Life is non-feeling and remote, we exist, and the soul does not expand through experience. It needs to feel the effects of life to explore new ways of being, learning how to bend and weave new adventures from a different perspective. When the heart is closed the indicators physically will be angina, physical heart, symptoms such as hypertension and panic attacks, Heart disorders and palpitations. When the heart is opened (I have treated individuals where it has happened sometimes overnight) physical disorders will fade and reduce. With D.A.R.E methods the exercise is, effortless for the individual, lightness of touch and openings are deeply spiritual and profound, with a realisation of ‘why did I wait so long!’ It is such a gift to feel, not to shy away from emotions. To stand and look at what they are telling us. Emotions are an expression of what we are feeling inside, i.e.: confusion, lack of love and discord. It is a time for us to explore what is happening in our lives. It is a wake-up call to make change and there are several options to choose from to ELIMINATE what is not yours and RECEIVE the upgrade to longevity. Souls, Soul groups and individuals respond to upshift their agendas.  Accelerated programmes to Inspire, Transform and Recreate from within to without.
  1. Eliminate via D.A.R.E one to one sessions.
  1. SECRETS/D.A.R. E induction workshop (Entry level for D.A.R.E therapy training) and gives personal development with a recreational twist, giving new insights and skills for everyday life, includes daily elimination of emotional baggage, transferred, inherited and clearing the path to bring students closer to their soul guidance and spiritual development connections.
  1. Allonus LiGHt Healing programme accelerates the Souls progress to ginormous proportions, foot hitting the gas on acceleration and jumping great hurdles of life to embrace new living above the parapet of ancients.
Get in touch with your Souls psychology. Clear your legacies and embrace new living and all you need to do is turn up… and receive, what an opportunity. To Save yourself SAVE your SOUL All workshops include manual and certificate: Discount vouchers on further training.  Early bird incentives and spread the cost options. CPD approved. For more information See You tube interviews with Joy Wisdom on various topics. Joy Wisdom Awarded Inspirational Woman 2015 Awarded Therapist of the Year 2018  Author, Tutor, Inspirational speaker Founder of Allonus, D.A.R.E Body/Mind intuitive practitioners Therapy, LiGht Healing programme & OGP`; Clinical Body Mind practitioner -specialising in psychological issues – Depression, stress, PTS /PND etc., Specialist in Women’s and Children’s Health. /      Follow us on twitter and facebook
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