Soul Mate  

The term Soul Mate is a human term, where another soul (with whom we have contracted to grow together within physical duality), as a means of self -development, an exploration of love with another soul, by movement towards common purpose.  Often holding an individual and joint agenda from the same soul group. The support for each other and their agenda is paramount. We often recognise and are drawn to Soul Mates, feeling familiarity and comfort in their presence. 

A Soul Mate relationship brings greater joy, balance, and interface with the divine, a greater opportunity for advancement and they know their role within their relationship of support mixed with integrity and determination. Through thick and thin they will achieve. 

They understand one another and their love is unconditional, compassionate with incredible support. A very different relationship based on co-dependence and conditional love.

Soul mates often come together for long term relationship support and can include ‘their own’ individual mastering, with their Soul Mate holding their hand to achieve.  We are blessed indeed to have this relationship or extra Soul group support.  Mandela would have been seen as having Soul mates around him to help him achieve his Souls goal of awakening of humanity. 

Soul mates come in different roles. They can be brought into a family environment to smooth the way. Bring new ideas and cocoon younger generations, with love and nurturing. Taking them under their wing to education and nurture.

Marriage and friend relationships

Soul mates are required to push our buttons and guide at the same time. They know what we need even if we don’t! Their insights, integrity and guidance aren’t appreciated at times. Yet they persist to get us through to achievement and/or self-awakening .  And many soul mates play this role. They can be with us for brief meetings, weeks to months, longer periods for more challenging situations, and a lifetime where agendas are complex and long-term support is required.  They tend to come into our lives out of the blue and leave when the task is complete.  Soul groups will be inspirational in their activities, and soul mates will be guided by their closely woven agenda. The frequency basis of the soul is LOVE of the highest vibration. A desired re-union and unity of self. It can be achieved with guidance and education. Awakening dormant and off line structures, long forgotten in the mists of time. Our goal is to reconnect to quantum living with Soul. 

We live in extraordinary times, where Soul groups are driving change and we need to return to the Soul, to live our Soul agenda urgently. I offer various pathways to do so. Advanced spiritual education and understanding, specialist training and mentoring with solutions to Soul and spiritual capping. 1-2-1 sessions and advanced spiritual workshop training (Power of 3) with genetic code clearing, giving Soul advancements. Plus, Practitioners specialist training. 

A VIP progression back to the Soul, with various opportunities and choices.

Soul & Soul Psychology is a 2-day workshop to understand our Soul’s agenda and Karma. 

Lotus path programme to ascension and Soul integration

Joy Wisdom 

Book ‘Shell of Soul’ gives further information. See website. 

See website for further information.  You Tube videos and all media outlets  Joy Wisdom Training

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