Solstice & Power of 3

Power of 3 and Solstice 3 days were phenomenal, out of this world and comments were I haven’t ever experienced such wonders before!


The second stage of Power of 3 Opalescence, is a powerful and profound experience on it’s own and the Summer Solstice additions were extraordinary. This particular Solstice was the earliest recorded since 1796 and aligned to full moon known as the Strawberry moon, another auspicious alignment, as full moons are a rare occurrence with Summer Solstice.

Solstice and equinox celebrations have been celebrated in Pagan, Celtic/Druid religions around the globe, especially in Europe.


  • The Druidic name for the Summer Solstice is Alban Hefin, meaning the 'The Light of the Shore' or 'Light of Summer'.
  • The Celts would call on sun goddess Áine to banish evil spirits and ensure a good harvest. Bonfires were lit and feasting and dancing!


The energies of Summer Solstice could be felt in morning as it built in frequencies although the official time of arrival was 9.51 pm that evening.


  • Solstice brings a time of new beginnings.
  • Represents the triumph of light over darkness.
  • The abundance of sunlight is often seen as a metaphor for enlightenment and spiritual awareness, leading to celebrations that honour the vitality and life-giving energy of the sun.
  • Symbolising themes such as rebirth, renewal, and the return of the light. 


From a spiritual point of view the Solstice is about the internal realignment of the Self. Unity in all things including self. 2024 Solstice and Moon alignment brought new opportunities for collective consciousness upshift. Unity and alignment of self, igniting internal states lain dormant. Shifting the damage of ages and improving consciousness.


This particular summer solstice energies are about collective consciousness upshifts, from the darkness of ages. Letting the past go. Bringing more unity of society, cultures, enlightenment in unity thinking and living, for the betterment of society with upshifts in evolution.


Enhancements are continually received on our 3-day Opalescence training, a rebirth of self, bringing authenticity, Solar chakra integration, improved energetic function and support. Unity of self was achieved on many levels with Twin Flame alignment, divine masculine, feminine exquisite unity alignment, exceptional advancements on a personal and Soul trinity integration, progression was felt at every stage of integration.


The feedback, ‘the most powerful experience I have ever had’; ‘ Amazing’. ‘Blessed I feel so happy’: So powerful and profound for me’ ‘ I feel honoured to receive’

You too can experience the wonders and enhancements of Power-of-3 LiGht healing, a new support package we could only dream of is here.

Stage one ‘ONE Love’ Diamond Inguz - 20-21st July book your place to start the wonderment journey to your ‘Happy place’ with authenticity and 24/7 LOVE !


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