Sleep slows down aging

Sleep slows down aging.


A new announcement from a long term study from University College London has shown rapid decline happens from poor or short term sleep in our 60s. The ten year study assessing cognitive function for over 50s finds too little sleep will wipe out any benefits of keeping fit  in middle age. Poor sleep is found to decline wellbeing.


Sleep deprivation factors includes :

Prostate issues for males equals sleep deprivation.

Menopause and bladder issues for women in middle years, means sleep deprivation.

The cranium cleanses the head and nervous system with Cranio Sacral Fluid (CSF) when we sleep. When sleep deprivation kicks in it means CSF cleansing can be hampered or impaired. Means toxins can build up in the cranium. Linked to underlying health issues, headaches, depression, a build-up factor or risk of dementia etc.



Suggestions include take a nap in the afternoon.


  • Earlier to bed – the old adage of hours before midnight are more beneficial.
  • Don’t watch TV in bed because it stimulates the mind and causes sleep deprivation.
  • Have a few hours off phone and computer before bed- reduce stimulation of mind.
  • Switch off phone: frequencies of internet can interfere with the electromagnetic body rthyms.
  • Warm milk has a serotonin effect before bed.
  • Those who have the ability to cat nap in the day are seen to refresh the body.



Anxiety and stress are factors in sleep deprivation and 1-2-1 Therapy is helpful for eliminating anxiety. Body alignment and professional assistance with bladder issues etc. 

Ask your health professional about supplements and herbal remedies to help with sleep deprivation and bladder issues.


  • Relaxation with Reflexology
  • A.R.E whole body MIND-BODY-Emotion 1-2-1 therapy
  • Listen to a meditation CD for relaxation and improved sleep
  • Read a book before bed helps to slow down and switch off the mind
  • Drink less fluids in the evening and have a cut-off-point 7pm for example to reduce bathroom visits.


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