Shifting Sands for Humanity by Joy Wisdom

This year’s spring solstice brought a week of more opportunity of change than ever before.

Did you know that the spring solstice 20th March was the start of the astrological year?

The Spring Solstice (Equinox) in the Northern hemisphere and at the same time Autumn Equinox taking place in the Southern hemisphere. Both hemispheres North and South at the same time. An exceptional power house of happenings.

The Spring Equinox is the only time of year when ley lines of the planet harmonise and align as one. Both hemispheres align and the support systems of Gaia, ley lines, chakras, vortexes and portals, together with sacred sites become more active. Times used by the universe to assist humanity in consciousness shifts.  19-26th March is however a different kind of assistance, with Aquarian influences accelerating awakening to higher levels of awareness of TRINITY consciousness.

Joy ran a week of assistance for students with various options through ZEST of Life programmes and Power of 3. All individuals needed to do was turn up and receive…. As simple as that.


We gathered 19th and 20th March for ‘Trinity’ alignment

A giant energy shift for change and acceleration for humanity. Where all attendees on digital links received the most powerful and engaging evening of incredible experiences. Magnitude was removed of historical lineage, corrected through future generations, aligned individuals to who they should be now. Gifts and activations were bestowed in Gaia, humanity and specialist groups. Soul groups and souls were delighted at the outcome of two days …. Moved mountains of ancient past I am so pleased to say. And it continues to shift over the week, plus processes to finalise over months and year/s to come.

Read attendees feedback below.


- Last night Solstice evening was very powerful, lovely to receive. Followed by a feeling of deep calm and peace. We are so fortunate to able to receive your work Joy. Joy holds vast spiritual knowledge, I have been on many other workshops looking for what Joy provides, with grace and ease. Love Judy  


Other comment from the spring equinox shared:

Students reported, the energies were very powerful, goose-bumping; students felt ancient links disappearing, with a total detox and complete re-boot.


Felt the powerful energies of new beginnings; saw the collapse of old systems, ancient fences and limitations, as a brilliant white light knocked them down, eliminating to dust. All felt a gigantic heart explosion: from lotus flower beginnings to infusion of new beginnings with a new frequency sync and Rthyms for the heart. Heart palpitations could be felt by some as this process took place. Mind blowing experiences … peaceful and calmness resided within heart and mind.  Massive gratitude was felt by all.


It is a wonder what you achieve for us all… the peace is palpable and a huge blessing. Val had not felt her Heart before. Tonight with the powerhouse of energies she did…..!  A blessing indeed.


This is not a one off for Joy Wisdom ‘ZEST of Life’ training. Where the power of 3 LiGHt Healing programme provides incredible and extraordinary results on a Sacred, Cosmic and Galactic kind.


These experiences are common as Wisdom Wise training is designed to be different.

Receive a wealth of sparkle and infusion of new wisdom.


Joy Wisdom


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