Secrets of Universal Life

Receive Positive leaps, New directions in 5-days of transformation, all inspiring SECRETS of Universal Living for 2019. This amazing workshop changes lives: enhances, liberates with profound transformations with education with answers to blow your mind!  Step out of sinking sands and live life ahead of the crowds : We are more than physical. We are made up of complex systems and key elements for spiritual, brain and emotional change. For instance, we need Pituitary and Pineal alignment and activation for self-alignment and individual control of 3rd eye and psychic abilities. Brain and gut are closely linked via our Vagus nerve that sends and receives messages to our major organ systems for wellbeing, 6thsenses Solar/Sacral plexus response. As a human being we are a complex unit, all working together for optimum performance. Nothing is separate and if imbalance or misalignment is received it will affect all of our systems not just one. (including human advancement and spiritual attainment). Little is known or taught about the full picture… up until now;  where Secrets Universal life (SUL) workshop not only informs but has solutions to correct, shared with students and practitioners. Information, talking/discussing about issues and education is not enough. We are carrying energetically, cellular, mentally, hormonally and emotionally. Essentially, we are it, all is embedded within, we carry the scars and baggage that controls our mind, emotions and creates physical issues in life and pass on to generations to come. If  we do not deal with all areas of discord, we are left wanting…. not a lot has changed, left with a piece meal approach leaving disappointment and regrowth of issues within our Quantum Field, where ground-hog-day continues! Why this Bigger Picture  5-day approach to training is revolutionary. Internal change happens by dealing with blockages and limitation from IGTA, Karma and adverse emotional issues. Cellular realignment is achieved, balance and clearing with all systems, jettisoning, eliminating, bringing understanding, epiphanies gained at a new revolutionary level. Enjoy a package of excellence in training. An altered perception, new view on life, with self-help tools to correct and liberate the self !  It is time we stopped the merry go around. This poem sums up our lack of education and awareness that needs awakening and approaching from a new angle to eradicate and stop the ongoing cycle and circle for families, lineages, cultures and humanity.  The old healer to the soul: It's not your back that hurts, but the burden. It's not your eyes that hurt, but injustice. It's not your head that hurts, it's your thoughts. Not the throat, but what you don't express or say with anger. Not the stomach hurts, but what the soul does not digest. It's not the liver that hurts, it's the anger. It's not your heart that hurts, but love. And it is love itself that contains the most powerful medicine.  Author: Ada Luz Marquez This transformation is not virtual and can only be achieved by attending, receiving new attributes for life. A fast-track attainment over five-days assists and builds to greater attainment. Inspirational and transformed from inside out, there is more to life…. join the ranks of switched on people who embrace ‘ZEST for Life’ and find the Secrets to Universal living. Exciting times we are living, it is time to learn the rules, pitfalls and how to get ahead in of the game of life…. Align body and mind in the process to upshift to embrace Universal Living. Mind and emotions, each feed each other! Which brain function is dominant in you?  Is it living from in peace and harmony or survival and fear? Oh, and the other question… is it yours to live? Which is dominant in you: Mind or Heart? Which brain formation is dominant in you? Survival is stored and directed via the brain stem (also known as the Reptilian brain) survival action is initiated causing intolerance, fear and trauma? Whereas Limbic brain function gives us emotional tolerance, bigger picture view and awareness? Neocortex brain functiongives us emotional alignment, living compassion with understanding of others: A bigger picture with heart involvement. The Neocortex is where unconditional love is acknowledged with actions to initiate and receive, where heart and mind work together for the betterment for the individual and humanity. Certainly, blockages around the heart will link with dominance of  brain function, (Survival, Limbic or Neocortex) will dictate what we live, see hear and initiate (drama or not) emotionally. Living survival keeps us emotionally entrapped: living small vision and little spatial awareness of others around us or their needs, survival tends to be a selfish life and only see their own immediate needs, focused upon material, money, sex and food: From a nurturing and loving perspective survivors, live in a war zone, shocked, ungrounded and unable to receive due to fear-based mind control. Survival living keeps the Limbic brain in chaos. unable to grow outside self-entrapment. Neocortex brain function lies dormant, underdeveloped, unable to compete with mind control and fear-based living.  Life is virtual, cold, unfulfilling and on a treadmill, slips away.  Correction of brain dominance and emotional fall out can be changed with advanced applications as received on 5-day Secrets of Universal Life/ D.A.R.E induction. This workshops helps to eliminate the controls and continued adverse impacts received from womb formation and conditioning in life. Therefore, changing our future, preventing health issues and correcting Quantum field outcomes to live a better life. Cutting edge approaches to health and education to bring awareness with internal, emotional and hormonal changes for improved Health, Happiness and future destiny.   D.A.R.E therapy specialist Body-Mind-Emotion training has one-to-one advanced techniques to deal with IGTA, Quantum field and trans-generational trauma, cutting the binds that control us. Dissolving and resolving with specialist emotional and psychological advanced approach. (Read more in Joys latest book – ‘Mirror Image’ – Facts and Solutions to IGTA and transference explaining) .  Attending SECRETS of Universal Life is equivalent to receiving x 5 D.A.R.E plus sessions with founder Joy Wisdom while at workshops… A greater benefit to individual and their families. A very different approach to education, information and gives answers to emotional, spiritual, physical and psychological issues. Helping to pave the way to New directions in prevention, avoidance and keeping ahead of the game, swerving the hard ball of legacies and conditioning! Correcting IGTA with daily remodelling and influence elimination….at cellular level with advanced tools that goes beyond Brandon Bays Journey work and Metatronic Healing. Without the Kings New clothes... Revealing the Real you to live new directions with positive leaps changing destiny and future living. Dove-tails D.A.R.E Induction and personal transformational programme for Secrets of Universal Living with effective solutions to spiritual, emotional and psychological Health issues. What do you have in common with Celebs, unable to deal with life entrapped in TV and media Drama from life events?
  1. Which roles are driving today? Does life keep throwing challenges to you? Is this linked with karma, is it yours and IGTA? Whose karma are you in payback to?
  1. Emotionally and mentally living under-par? Living influences from transference picking up on others emotions etc., making us feel insecure and anxious?
  1. Do you still live adverse results from childhood and traumatic experiences?
Are you spiritually stuck?  Find out why, how, and learn tools to prevent and avoid.   Jettison anxiety, struggle, challenging living and embrace new directions with self-help, amazing daily realignment, improved system function, for a better life. Find out what inherited, and formation brain patterns are over veiling and controlling you keeping  ground-hog-day living to greater proportions ?  If you have answered yes to any of the above, then this workshop is for you as it encompasses subconscious actions and fundamental key factors for correction and new horizons. This is what people are saying about Revolutionary Secrets to Universal Life and D.A.R.E induction Therapy training; ‘I found the five-day training extraordinary, a very different approach with daily clearing ongoing during and even after the workshop’  ‘I can breathe easier’          ‘Head calmer’   ‘I am less anxious’             I feel connected for first time! ‘I feel Calmer’                       ‘More in stride with self, more aligned’   ‘The loneliness I was feeling has gone’ ‘I feel much cleaner internally, weights have been lifted’ ‘I feel ‘I AM’ and more present’                 ‘I sleep better after receiving daily clearing from Secrets of Universal Life’ ‘I feel so good I want to hug everyone’    ‘My vision and perceptions have changed I can see the beauty of the world’ See course dates on website!  01691 718917
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