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Transform yourself with VIP powerhouse energy from Divine Feminine.  
We live in exciting times of evolution, and we can have it all...with Divine intervention from Quan Yin. The illumination and vision quest of 21st century drives ONEness, UNITY, HeARt and Soul union.
Enjoy a powerhouse of gossamer LIGHT, weaved with personal support. Brings a state of enlightenment and wellbeing. Enjoy divine feminine ‘YIN’ energy, as held by Mother Mary and Mary Magdalene.  Receive Mother Love infusion 24/7.  Live from Solar frequencies and Sacred HeARt (2nd of 3 HeARt Chakras held).  Live LIGHT-house effect with advanced powerful energy. Softens environment and others around you. Align to new consciousness with heart centred support. 
Stage one ~ ONE Love DILH, helps to dissolve malignancy of ages past. Energetic healing processes soften and release limitations; receive matrix re-calibration, releasing emotional barriers, re-setting ancestral patterns. Energy increases and puts a line under harsh living. Expands, transforms awareness. High vibrational healing is applied to heal body and mind. Kickstarting dormant processes, feeding LOVE 24/7. 
Power-of-3  - Did you know we have 3 HeARt Chakras? 
4th Heart Chakra, Sacred and Cosmic HeART: receive activations to live from a Duel and Tri-HeARt centre.
Activate your 3-Fold-Flame to new heights aligning with 'I AM' inner powerhouse
  We urgently need to raise our consciousness to UNITY for society and planetary changes. Power-of-3 provides consciousness activations, upshifting to  ONEness, UNITY, Sacred and Cosmic bringing subconsciousness changes.
Three NEW advanced high frequency healing methods cuts through stress and depression like a hot knife through butter: Methods sponge away negative vibes. Relaxes and soothes, receiving the bountiful frequencies of LOVE...
Students radiate NEW levels of high vibrational energy personally and professionally. Through their environment and support Gaia. Practitioners transmuting negativity, purifying accumulated or absorbed dense dysfunctional energies into gossamer LiGHT. 
  Awakening  requires internal identification; What is out of sync? Limits lived and why? Whose limits do we follow? Are they self-induced/perpetuated via conditioning and historical replay? 
Recognition opens doors to action.
 With the Power of 3, as each awakens and unites, we change; a domino effect of new consciousness forms. Helping Gaia and globally accelerating group consciousness.  Jettisoning the old faded aspect of self to embrace
HeARt true essence unity. Align to Solar frequencies and fifth gear living,
Tri HeARt operation with advanced practices. 
The New vision quest Soul living, bliss, LOVE, UNITY.
Read ‘Vision Quest 2021’ and other articles by Joy ….see website
Amazing solutions to easier life ... Change your life with Power of 3; Students can't believe how fast change happens for themselves. A must for sensitives and Empaths.  Receive a clearer mind, reduce stress and new skills for LIFE. 
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Advanced on-line training. CMA approved training school. 
No previous experience required.
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Soul & Soul Psychology ~  Open to anyone.
Cosmically we are being pushed towards purity of self and alignment back to the Soul. Joy's 2-day training allows for guidance and helping hand to remove the impacts from life, influencing Soul causing emotional and mental issues. Plus much previous experience required.

Living the outside of ourselves driven by materialism has brought separation. Soul agenda is held biologically, energetically and physically. When we have mismatched abilities it can cause anxiety and stress. Adverse Trauma, anxiety, weariness and depression will affect our Soul... and vice versa. The impacts are more than physical and hit hard at a Soul and psychological level. Soul becomes out of kilter with the individual.
Full illumination requires alignment of physical and energetics forming spiritual oneness/unification. (Physical, Etheric, Emotional and Mental auric fields). Mind skews and blocks; whereas heart opens doors to illumination.
The key…Energetic HeARt performance. Joy has fast solutions.
Allonus can hold your hand and help you accelerate your transformational journey back to Soul. Power-of-3 and D.A.R.E therapy can help on all counts. 
Much has changed cosmically since January
Planets aligned in February haven't been so since 1962. We had massive changes when previously cosmically aligned in early sixties. Ban-the-Bomb, protests to stop war, start of feminine/gender liberation.  Unrest and transition as societies voices were heard. We expect nothing less in 2021. And already happening when you see world news.
Pandemic has highlighted culture and government weakness continuing from days of old. Spotlight on division and  intolerance across the world with discrepancies staring us in our face. We can expect out of the blue cosmic changes and surprises as all ramps up throughout the year.
The New 'Snow' moon arrived at the end of February, energetics are strong, potentency increased.The impacts were equivalent to x 3 moons. Snow moon energies have made us feel drugged, weak, headaches, disturbed sleep or restless sleep reported. As we transition and integrate ourselves to new energy frequencies cascading to the planet and all who live off her.
A new phase of Aquarian frequencies unknown to us previously. Cosmically pushed to correct the misconceptions of ancients and incorporate 21st century accelerated approaches for today’s quest. The illumination and vision quest of 21st century drives ONEness acceleration, UNITY, HeARt and Soul Union.
Read ‘Vision Quest 2021’ and other articles by Joy ….
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Allonus LiGHT Healing, Lotus Path & Power of 3 Personal development and powerhouse transformation.
No previous experience required.
 2021 the time of Soul connection embracing New ways with Vision Quest (as per vision quest article). 
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Soul and Soul Psychology
Power of 3 :
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Stage 2 - Opalescence    
Stage 3 - OMNI               
Angel Days - see website
Advanced -  OMNI-verse / Galactic consciousness
MASTER class - Lotus path 
Power of 3 Share get-togethers - method practice, receive personal advancement, building confidence of skill sets. 
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