REBIRTH of the HeARt – Embrace LOVE Energy

Embrace LOVE energy to new heights with a UNIQUE NEW Programme - Allonus LiGHt Healing. Did you know we had x 3 Heart Chakras? In this programme we open all 3. Foundation level opens the SACRED HeARt; Intermediate opens the Cosmic HeARt. Receive Solar enhancement, opening new Solar pathways for enlightenment and NEW daily living enhancements: Heal the HEART from wounds and scars received. Eliminate inherited Trauma, being liberated from old ways. LiGHt Healing programme includes a new support programme for each individual, with Advanced Healing Techniques. Quan Yin guides us to the true essence of the HeARt. Clearings are phenomenal and technqiues sponge up negativity and stress, with grace and ease.. relaxation guarenteed. Attendees reap the benefits quickly. Workshops are full of smiles. The only course that includes techniques to help stay out of emotions. Stop us absorping off others. Open to anyone from age of 18. A MUST for practitioners, Healers and professionals. Receive the NEW SHOWER CLEANSER every day. Free DVD, Manual, Certificate CPD approved. Times 10am-5pm. Bring a pillow and blanket for emotional clearings and rebalancing. View the background videos: See website for course dates
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