Punch Bag to the Heart by Joy Wisdom

If you are looking for happiness and positives in your life we need to look after the HeARt to generate. Reflect on how well we treat ourselves from a HeARt perspective.

Research has revealed, when we experience stress and negative emotions such as tension, anger,  frustration or fear, our physical heart pattern becomes irregular and incoherent, negatively affecting health, brain function, performance and sense of wellbeing. Trace testing our Heart Rate Variability – indicates the beat-to-beat changes in our heart’s rhythm. As we are more than the physical our energetics and mood change to suit heart rate, rhythm and frequency to match the physical changes. Mood and energetics dip affecting our subconscious, our world shrinks. 

Emotions affect both physical and energetic Heart centres and vice versa. Lowers our will and motivation. On a daily basis we are hit by emotions, cross words and sounds from our environment and home life. All reflected, hitting heart centres, becoming a punch bag from every quarter in life; within relationships and social interactions. Including relationship with our self also part of the bigger picture.

We are bombarded daily from media and computers sending out their own rhythms, vibrations and frequencies via sound hitting the heart.  Home, office, shops and car, affecting the delicate balance of the physical heart, continues fluctuations bringing vulnerability as we feel off kilter. One of the reasons we feel better when out of that environment or home. The recent term ‘Forest bathing’ is form of therapy in some countries for getting out in nature. Encouraging people to get away from their desks, media and computers, where nature frequencies and rhythms, from streams and hills  sooths the heart. Walking in nature or running clears the head and makes us feel better. A coping strategy to remove ourselves from the environment that is affecting us detrimentally.

Unkind words are the weapons striking as a missile at a heart and solar plexus level, critism a bigger punch to heart. Memories remain in the physical and energetic heart bringing shock, waves hitting us hard. When we live untruths we pack a punch; neglect ourselves, detached and blind to our needs, the heart sees it as emotional abuse, lowering our heart rhythm becoming weak as strength ebbs away, fatigue and lethargic is the outcome. As a physical organ the heart takes a battering daily from ignorance neglect and harsh living. 

Happiness is a state of mind and heart. 

The frontal cortex is the location where neurologically happiness is generated. 

We all have different ideas of what happiness is. Is it the glass of wine, the shopping spree, night out with friends or the walk in the park and nature.  Or a good workout at the gym?  In some cases materialism has replaced inner happiness as we look for outside satisfaction to fill the gap. 

When we are left bereft from a young age the physical core and heart becomes weak. When we lose a loved one (even a favourite toy or animal we have bonded with) grieving for life loss, some do not or cannot come to terms and undermines as a lower ebb present in all things. Both physical and energetic Heart becomes damaged with grief and loss. And takes a while to recover. If at all in some cases. 

Energetically it feels as though we have a big hole in the heart. Due to the energetic cords we make in all relationships (even with self) when we bond it can be a very thick cord, that rips from us when the relationship is over, leaving us bereft and a gapping space where the cord has been. Taking time to heal, therefore the heart can be full of scars and tares in a lifetime from the continued heart punch, as a boxers skin tears bleeds and wounds are felt… it is the same for the heart.  

Hormonally happiness is generated and affected from the HeARt. 

Self-esteem and self-worth are generated by bonding (the biggest time is at birth), receiving love and nurturing from parents and family.  Physically hormone secretion via Oxytocin (Love hormone), gives us comfort, a feeling of satisfaction is generated from Oxytocin. Released in birth, sexual act and after a good meal. Oxytocin floods the senses, giving us feelings of satisfaction and happiness floods our brain and body. Hormonally generated and seen in the eyes of those who love us. A surge of love and compassion changes heart rate, rhythm and energetics to expand.  Energetics grow when we feel love, making us feel spacious and free. (when out of kilter or in fear energetics will shrink around us making us feel trapped and vulnerable).

We can help ourselves

Awareness of the self, reflecting on how well comfort the heart or are we damaging the heart with neglect.  By taking stock we can improve our lot. Physically and longevity improving life. Happiness is more than one thing or thinking positive it is working with our internal projections and creations; collectively making change, being mindful of what we are doing or receiving on a daily basis can improve our wellbeing. 

Do something that makes you happy. Little things mean a lot.  Quality time and outcome. 

Make a list of what brings you happiness. And start to include in your life. Even if it is a reward of hot chocolate with marshmallows. Do it and feel the heart blossom, with little surges of oxytocin bringing longer lasting pleasure and inner comfort. 

Additionally by investing in energetic correction we improve our physicality, mood and outlook of what happiness means to us. Much easily achieved than you think. Follow the guidance from CD to enhance energetics bringing positives to physicality and brain. Options are achieved through training and just by listening with a guided meditation feeling peace and quality changes, embellished via mentored internal flow as you follow the suggestions for improvements.  

Enjoyment, life enhanced and all in your hands. 

Joy Wisdom 



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