Pregnancy loss week

Maternity loss is devastating to any couple, and automatically go into a grief process. Little is discussed or understood within society, (health professionals) as to the long-term psychological and emotional outcomes kicking in, affecting couples.


Women can carry deep scars from pregnancy loss and miscarriage… even 20 or 30years later very raw when talking about the event. Still living complex trauma.

Joy Wisdom Trust know talking is not enough… we need direct action to dissolve andresolve emotions for couples to prevent health and wellbeing issues that can followpregnancy loss trauma. Trauma and grief can become a barrier to further success.


The effects of miscarriage hits hard. Both couple feel the fallout from IVF and baby loss. Partners feel it too. The distress can make it difficult to express what they both feel, and the extent affected. Quite naturally, couples are upset about the loss; both going through their own grieving process; additionally, partners will be worried about their spouse and the shocking affects experienced.

The unexpected, with shock as miscarriage hits deeply.


Pregnancy loss is a maternal trauma and grief.

Joy Wisdom Trust offers individual and couples therapy after pregnancy loss.

Packages are person centered to suit your needs. JWT can offer processes to helpheal the wounds, from maternity distressing events. Radical solutions to keep lovingmemories without distress.


We can’t change the past ,but we can heal it.

Heal the past script a new future with further success with JWT.


Joy Wisdom

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