Pregnancy loss via IVF

Couples often put all their hope into IVF.


IVF is a clinical approach and structure of stages to complete. The roller coaster of IVF can become traumatic in various ways.  Most couples are not fully aware of the full processes offered. And surprised by the pressure and emotional outcomes involved in IVF. Live high expectations of IVF conception and don’t expect to experience pregnancy loss. Although a common distressing outcome. Both are in distress and trauma from their event especially if IVF is involved. Disappointment and devastation is felt deeply as pregnancy loss is experienced. Challenging for all concerned.


Males can become nervous and reluctant to talk to their partners about conception and maternity loss event.  Partners report they are treading on egg-shells during IVF drug processes and baby loss.  Women can receive endocrine burn out from repeated IVF processes. It is still down to the woman’s body capability even with IVF. Hormonal imbalances and emotional scars remain as a barrier to further success.  Why it is important to rectify as soon as possible, before continuing with IVF.


Joy Wisdom Trust offers maternity loss trauma solutions.

Offers practical and educational structure. Preparing for IVF, supporting through various processes, reducing stress and pressure for couples. Stress avoided means more success in conception. 


Radical therapy solutions for trauma and anxiety, to help heal the wounds from baby loss.  The scars remain, even if we think we have rationalised it in the mind. JWT offers therapy processes to heal the wounds, be at peace from maternity distressing events. 


We can’t change the past, but we can heal it, strengthen the internal state for new success.

Couples therapy after maternity loss is essential to rebalance hormonal out of sync outcomes, to prevent further disappointments. Packages are person centered to suit your needs. It doesn’t matter how long ago.

Makes sense to plan a pregnancy, investigate, prevent and avoid maternity loss trauma.

Lifestyle health checks are beneficial to avoid the heartache of maternity loss.


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