Power of 3 3 - day Gathering

Our Power of 3 gathering resulted in vast changes daily.

A review and expansion opportunity was taken up by students who had previously trained in Power of 3. An opportunity to understand in depth the different stages of development, why we need the inner abundance and the magnificence of Power-of-3. The extraordinary content is like no other and the abundance is designed to be different, giving an expansion and rebirth of self. We are only as good as our connections. And students received upshifts and upgrades on their ladder of training. Attendees felt the changes and improvements immediately. 


Our open discussions and explanation revealed hidden depths of acceleration bringing further understanding and lightbulb moments. The high frequency advantages of the programme is extraordinary. The wonders and benefits of receiving Tri HeART centre and Solar living are bliss, the bigger life adjustments are not on any ordinary scale.  

Training is the start of the adventure. Exploration grows with you and the more used bigger aspects expand to receive. 

The magnitude of what we can achieve, receive is often misunderstood, thinking small puts the brakes on.  When truth is abundance is limitless and infinite with Power of 3 Sacred, Cosmic and Galactic living.


Feedback from students

Attendees felt EMPOWERED and renewed.

Big realisations came from morning discussion and training. I felt empowered and a new will for self.

I found the review emotional and exciting – I could feel physical changes, tingling all over.

I feel Empowered and for the first time,  I have not felt like this before. I hold a  ZEST of Life.

I have embraced more of myself and realise I have upshifted internally.

I loved the upshift to angelic and celestial it brought a whole new internal peace.

Twin Flame connection was amazing and profound, much stronger and solid within my heart..


Power of 3 gathering weekend brought a deeper broader scale of respect for self. With LiGht bulb moments. realising the restrictions I have lived.

I have a new trust and faith in self.

I realise more about self-engagement, enlightenment, and the importance of 14th Solar Chakra connection from attending the Power of 3 gathering. Mer-ka-ba was a mystery before.


It is not enough to just turn up and receive, it is down to me to use the tools, engage and embrace acceleration. If I don’t make change, nothing changes, and there is an abundance of change required. I have been thinking small !


The limitless and expansiveness of Power of 3 takes you to extraordinary and mind blowing places of excitement.

As one student reported, ‘With power of 3 I am now savouring every moment of life’.


Joy Wisdom 







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