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Inspirational, Transformational and RECREATIONAL

Nothing stands still in Joy's training, constantly adjusting to the advancement of consciousness to offer more upshifts and transcendence with that new additions incorporated. All training has been upshifted to digital training and webinar home learning. Making it affordable for all and moving to a global training facility. Allonus Power of 3 is a CMA approved training college and CPD approved. 

Power of 3 helps to remove the malignancy of ages past. Brings Matrix awakening  -  intensity of LIGHT to the LiGHT bodies with Solar frequencies of exchange and enhanced support. Aligning students with the collective morphogenic field. Moving towards mater and spirit as ONE, wholeness in transcendence

Mastering of the self comes from within

Power of 3  brings a re-birth and reawakening within a nine month period.  Dormancy of ages kick started to start the process of interlink and awakening of self. Shell of Soul living and separation is reversed. As we become ONE again. Processes enlivened brining the transcendence of duality. The resurrection of the Holistic self. Facilitates manifestation of divinity the process of lead into gold… the alchemist process of internal acceleration. 

Gaia is the ascension pathway for humanity and Power of 3 supports Gaia daily 

In the past you have enjoyed the benefits of Diamond Inguz LiGht Healing or even gone on to the next stage of Opalescence in the past. Everything has moved on since you were last with us. Additional benefits with each consciousness shifts, incorporated to advance spiritual journey’s on fast track. 

Power of 3: 1. ONE LOVE Diamond Inguz: 2 Opalescence. 3 With OMNI Heart incorporating Galactic activations. 

OMNIverse is the NEW UNIQUE addition, where we align with Galactic mind activations aligning head and heart to new paradigms of living. Upshifting consciousness to amazing proportions.  Way above the parapet of human living into Solar living with enhanced Solar knowledge and wisdom.

As with all reviews students receive accelerated upgraded and upshifts received to wondrous proportions, all at a reduced cost this is a win-win situation. If you have not reviewed Diamond Inguz in the last year or so then you will have missed the New tools and unique healing options added to the training.  'Wow' and 'There's more!' are expressed in workshops. 

(Review reduced rate review applies to previous training completed).

Opalescence has had wondrous additions too:  Profound Twin Flame alignment. Angelic and Celestial connections are regenerated to higher proportions and the benefits of living from the 20th Chakra are indeed abundant beyond words.  The Cosmic HeARt opening is exciting and transformational as earth chakras are aligned to Solar living. An amazing three days that are truly RE-CREATIONAL on all fronts. 

The greatest advancement is the Unique addition OMNI HeARt opening  OMNI is truly amazing in concept and receiving. This is where we receive our connection to Galactic Consciousness.  A HeART connection to Mary Magdalene and Divine Feminine.   There are no words to describe what students felt or received.  They were all drunk on BLISS. Launched end of 2016, due to my accident it was not run in 2017.

Now it is your opportunity to enjoy all 3.  

Follow through and receive the synergy and experiential advancement for daily living. A boon in our present depressive states from pandemic living. Remember Power of 3 keeps you out of sea-saw emotion. Be renewed with the powerhouse of energy you deserve. Stopping the negative and embracing the positive 24/7 supporting you from within. Filling your heart with a powerhouse of LOVE and unconditional love… who would not want this on a daily basis. Don’t wait book now.  

Block booking and spread the cost options

Here are what other students say:

I am a powerhouse. I feel whole and full. Growing and expanding with light and love.

My energy levels have lifted so much, which is wonderful, as I have suffered with exhaustion for years. Peace is within me and I feel so grounded and whole. Every time I connect to Opalescence I feel super charged up. So optimistic.  I have not felt like this for years. Wonderful! Long may this continue.

My inner core feels calm and steady. It’s Magic!! Feel so positive and connected to spirit. Knowing I am hugely supported and part of something wonderful.  Gillian

Words cannot describe the level of clearing and connection received…. Wow. I am blown away with the journey & the changes Joy Wisdom facilitates. Thank you so  much for all these amazing courses. I am loving the Power of 3 Light Healing Courses. Each step opens me up to Energies that I never even dreamt of. My heart is singing and I feel a different person. My life while the same is so different as I change my vibration and perception with each level that I take part in. Eternal Blessings Susan 

I am so grateful to you for the phenomenal (no words can express) and transformation from Opalescence (2nd stage of Power of 3).connection to Cosmic Heart and so much more.  I was amazed by the ease with which we all received. All this and you delivered and put the course together beautifully.   The gifts we received are unquantifiable but the experience of having them filtering into our energetics, four planes and physical body are undefinably blissful to receive.  I feel so blessed and wish everyone could experience these extraordinarily high energy.   Rachel 

would highly recommend the Power of 3. It has transformed my life for the better helping me to get back to who I truly am. It is a wonderful gift that Joy is facilitating for us. It will also help to alleviate all the stress from the pandemic. Christine ??

Joy Wisdom Founder

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