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The LiGHt Healing Programme to 5D Unity Consciousness Inspirational, Transformational and RECREATIONAL July, September and November 2018 Leeds Energies of July are focused on the Feminine energy of Creation In July, planetary alignments have intensified focus in the elements of earth and water, the feminine aspects of creation. Through the constellation of Cancer, we experience a magnification of opportunities. Putting focus on our emotional reality, with intensity. Bringing opportunity to explore our unconscious and expanding our spiritual connection. Through ancient wisdom teachings, the zodiac sign of Cancer was considered to be a gateway through which souls originally entered into physical incarnation.  Bringing the potential of ‘rebirth’ or a new starting point. The energies of Cancer are highlighting to look within, something that is abnormal to us, as we continually look outside ourselves to validate our life. Planetary alignments are pushing us to connect to our inner selves at a deep emotional level. Offering us an opportunity to honour the feminine principle of creation, bringing on line, and aligning feminine energies to incorporate in our lives. A much-needed expansion of feminine energy to restore balance and harmony, as we begin to move into fifth dimensional unity consciousness. Upshifting the acceptance and global standing of the inner feminine that is within all of us, male and female. Retrograde: Over the last two decades we have had planetary alignments helping us to restore to original selves. Prompting us to dilute Piscean influences from ancients past. Each year the intensity is upshifted.  During July 2018 there are an unusually large number of retrograde planets bringing further emphasis with the common theme of review, reflect and look within.  Including a strong focus on assessment of our actions and future direction in life, making us review what we take ownership and responsibility for. Giving a greater understanding of ourselves as a spiritual being. Globally, we are all engaged in the ongoing process of clearing the legacies of the past. Piscean legacies living in third dimensional polarity consciousness 'I' and all the patterns and emotional wounding that relate to this are slowly coming into collective awareness to be released and healed. Much has already faded into the past, however there is still emotional attachment, perhaps through buried anger or fear, persisting until the polarised energies are transmuted and removed. (As described in book Mirror Image and dealt with via D.A.R.E therapy). Eclipses can be powerful times to get greater clarity and make any adjustments in direction that you might need going forward. Themes are strongly emphasised at the full moon partial eclipse on July 12th and the new moon lunar eclipse on July 27th. What greater opportunity and incentive to receive feminine energies of creation activated via the new support package from Quan Yin and Divine Feminine, (Allonus LiGHt Healing programme) with foundation and intermediate stages, available in July, September and November. Each stage helps clear legacies and heals the all-important HeART. With additional planetary synchronicity of the New Moon lunar energies of the weekend 28-29th July. I love the universe arrangement of workshops giving greater intensity of change and transformation to all. The Zodiac information above is right we are on the way to new epiphanies and realisations on a global scale. Realising we are here to clean up our act. Individually, culturally and planetary. We are picking up the tab of our ancestors who have left us legacies that have no place in our world any more. Unfortunately, we live the transference of behaviour, intolerance and reactions from ages past. Just because families and cultures have lived a certain way, thought a certain way, does not mean we have to carry it on in the same way! Emotional transference is passed on and absorbed without us knowing or realising, we carry other’s emotions and blue print to live again. The more we open up the more we receive and being empaths, sensitives etc., we pick up on other’s emotions and it does make us feel unwell, gives us headaches and can even cause depression, anger and stress. We don’t need to live this anymore. We can stop the continued dilution of ourselves and embrace life from a different perspective, with D.A.R.E therapy and receive 24/7 rejection of negativity with LiGHt Healing support programme. Read my full article on Allonus website:
Consciousness is changing, and July energies are giving us the opportunity to realise and remove on a faster track, forcing us to look at what we can throw out. What we must discard. Review what we are taking responsibility for, reviewing what is really going on inside, what our true reality is? Reviewing all areas of being, Allonus LiGHt Healing programme comes to remove past emotions, support and allow us to live our lives in an enlightened way. Get back to our original selves. Nothing stands still in Joy's training; the advancement of consciousness means there is more to offer and with that new additions have been incorporated into both Diamond Inguz (ONE LOVE) and intermediate stages Opalescence and latest NEW addition, the UNIQUE OMNI HeARt connection. All students have to do is just turn up to receive this wondrous and amazing package from Divine Feminine and Quan Yin. Students receive more upgrades and upshifts than any other modality. Attendees are impressed by the content and abundance of LiGHt Healing foundation level ‘ONE LOVE - Diamond Inguz LiGHt Healing’. Just two days to change your life. A new way to receive with a support package incorporated for daily life, to help keep us out of sea saw of emotions. An incredible package that works 24/7 and life changes are instant, improvements are felt, moving from stress to grace and ease. Inner peace is returned to the individual. Wondrous proportions are received, a-win-win-situation. People are unaware how they are affected, locked down in old emotion and hold barriers to receiving at a heart level. Unfortunately, it is a common issue and the reason for many physical heart issues, as written about in my article on the benefits of opening the second HeARt chakra. The Sacred HeARt enhances benefits to the physical heart. And in workshops students are liberated from bruised heart impacts to an expansion of ginormous proportions… It can’t be that easy can it? Yes, it is. Receive, clear and cleanse ages past. Unfortunately, we are so used to living other people’s emotions, impacts and absorption, blended into our lives, that we have lost sight of who we are. We have become a part of everyone else and in that we lose our identity, our essence. The LiGHt Healing foundation package has incorporated so many attributes to help find ourselves again. Tools to ground and skills for daily life together with unique healing tools that target systems, a tool that finds and transmutes negativity and hurt from internal systems and energetics. The New tools and unique healing options are added extras to the training.  'Wow' and 'There’s more! 'are expressed in workshops. As they realise how easy it is to receive. Intermediate levels Opalescence and OMNI are the icing on the cake as far as spiritual and personal advancement. Opalescence has had wondrous additions since the launch in 2010:  Incorporates a profound Twin Flame alignment, the feelings of coming home are enormous and bring opportunities to rebalance the male and female aspects we embody. Angelic and Celestial connections are regenerated to higher proportions, where we ignite the Angelic qualities from within and have direct cognition with angelic realms to guide and assist 24/7. Also includes the benefits of living from the activation of more of our Solar chakras up to and including the 20th Solar Chakra. Taking living to unknown heights and delights, abundant beyond words. The Cosmic HeARt opening is exciting and transformational as earth chakras are aligned to Solar living. An amazing three-days that are truly RE-CREATIONAL on all fronts. The greatest advancement is the Unique addition OMNI HeARtopening. OMNI is truly amazing in concept in receiving. This is where we receive our connection and activation of Galactic Consciousness. A HeART connection to Mary Magdalene and Divine Feminine. There are no words to describe what students felt or received. They were all drunk on BLISS. OMNI was launched end of 2016, due to my accident it was not run in 2017. The second part of OMNI is OMNIVERSE: OMNIVERSE is the next stage of galactic development, where we connect to the Galactic MIND, still to come and will be launched in 2019. Allonus LiGHT Healing programme is in alignment with zodiac and planetary focus, and here to help you to receive with grace and ease. Now it is your opportunity to enjoy all 3 levels. Follow through from July through to November and receive the synergy and experiential advancement within 2018, incorporating leadership, skills and guidance to achieve as the cosmos is guiding us all to do. What are you waiting for … enjoy BLISS everyday with Allonus LiGHt Healing Programme. Enjoy discount vouchers with each attainment. This means you enjoy a discount on each course attended.
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I look forward to helping you to attain your destiny with windows of change, attending workshops and LiGHt Healing programmes for improved Health Happiness and enjoy your enhanced Future Happiness. Joy Wisdom Joy Wisdom is the founder of Allonus Light Healing programme & Dissolve and Resolve Emotions (D.A.R.E Therapy) intuitive BODY/MIND revolutionary practitioners programme. Awarded Inspirational Woman 2015 Awarded Therapist of the Year 2018 Author: Tutor, Inspirational speaker: Humanitarian: Founder of Allonus: Clinical Body Mind practitioner -specialising in psychological issues – Women’s and Children’s Health: Available for one to one tutoring and D.A.R.E sessions www.allonus.co.uk   01691 718927/ 07951283495.    Follow us on Twitter and Facebook
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