Planetary alignment

Did you know our birth time and date is important for stability and abundance in life?
We each have a window of birthing, date and time. If we are born out of plan, we can be missing opportunities in life today. Becoming stuck in the rut of misalignment. The unknown effects are profound and can cause life limitations, hidden from view yet very much out of sync with self.

Essentially, interest in zodiac and charting can highlight certain behaviours, strengths and weakness relating to our star sign.  And May be surprised when a zodiac chart taken may not fully represent you; one of the reasons for this can be the birth time and date can make a difference. Even being on the cusp of two different time zones or planetary alignments can make a huge difference in outcomes and prosperity to life.

When a friend offered me a chance to see my zodiac chart, when I read it, it was alien to me, it just did not fit me, my character or personality. The time of birth did not match me. Taking the chart to an earlier slot on the same day, fitted perfectly.  My birthing time was 4 am. My mother gave birth at 6.30am. Surprising how an hour or two can make a massive difference to our journey in life. My adjustment to correct was small. 

However, if it is days or even weeks as for example pre-term birth experiences, then it can be more catastrophic in outcome. And certainly, dictates accordingly, will the life plan of opportunities land in our lap or not. In or out of sync with self? 

When we miss our natural birth date due to preterm birth, chosen diary date for C - section etc., infant can become out of sync with their window of Zodiac/Cosmic alignment. The natural birth date and planetary alignment is missed. Of course, this could also be present in parents, grandparents, and family lineage. Which can be an out of sync genetic code making its mark through generations, where it can become chaotic in lineages.  

Life can be tricky, amore of a bumpy ride than was meant to happen. Making sense of outcomes and why things just don’t seem to go right for you and lineage!

Certain Zodiac and planetary alignments when joined together in proximity produce erupting vibrations and frequencies to influence change or switch on certain zodiac connections, that can be felt on a human level. Vibrations and energy we are meant to receive, cascading upon the planet and like a magnet affecting us energetically, individually and globally.

Through the ages massive changes have occurred due to squaring of planetary alignments such as Aquarius, Mars etc., having a profound effect upon humanity and evolution. Lions Gate is another portal or gateway for change that happens every year between 26th of July and 12th August, a phase in and out of powerful energies with Leo influences.  

Planetary alignments influence mood, emotions and behaviour on a grander scale during the potency of the combination or co-joined effects. 

The planets of the 1960’s Saturn, Aquarius, Leo, Pluto, generated a new age shift and attributed to kick starting Aquarius age. Certainly, some astrologers would say the constellation of the 1960’s is finally coming to fruition. Sixty years later planetary alignment was repeated in 2021 and challenging times occurred on a global scale, something we are still riding out. The association of certain planets coming together can instigate calm, turbulence and change in consciousness. We may be unaware of the power of the cosmos and astrological influences, however, will be felt, aware or not. 

When we are out of sync with our planetary/zodiac alignment we don’t receive the updates or kickstarts via planetary creations and frequencies flooding the planet. 

For over two decades I have found ‘out of order signs’ in children and adults in sessions and workshops. Some people have described the ‘out of sync’ with self, as chasing their tail. Many describe it as feeling of turning up and the bus has gone, being late for everything. On a Physical level it can cause balance issues and individuals can be unsteady on feet and/or falling over for no reason!

When individuals received correction with Etheric and Energetic methods (not hypnotherapy or rebirthing) of alignment within self is a very profound moment and life changing. Individuals have received a realisation of missed opportunities in sessions and workshops. Clarity on how this simple misalignment has limited their life and caused struggle through no fault of their own. 

Missed opportunities come in many packages, including career, relationship and financial abundance. 

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