Perfectionism training 10 week story

I finished a 10-week evening VIP group training liberating the mind from Perfectionism traits.


What a transformation, building upon the previous weeks training, extraordinary changes and transformation has been received during our 10 weeks together.


To see the lightbulb moments of what we selectively do to ourselves due to mind control is astonishing, sobering and enlightening all at the same time. Some people went from 100% to 20% in ten weeks, others down to 2% of mind control. Anxiety and stress turned around.


Feedback has been amazing, 100% recommended.


‘I have learnt so much about myself, life and interactions with others. New perspectives on my career, aware of so much more. The training has been amazing, profound and a deep dive into mind control. Graceful and gently presented. JML


It is the best training I have ever received. DF


It has been my honour to teach about the mind and delivering life skills for the new future you…

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Perfectionism testimonial feedback videos:

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Love UNITY and ONEness of Mind

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