Are you in charge of your mind or mind in charge of you?

Are you birthing or destroying?

Does the mind overrule you with doubt and fear?

Are you constantly striving… yet unhappy with results… you could be living mind control and Perfectionism.


Perfectionism is seen as a good quality with diligence in many quarters of business and career. We do not associate psychological issues with perfectionism yet, it is a mind control mechanism. In some cases conditioned to extreme levels, consuming individuals and causing unhappiness and dissatisfaction driven by subconscious mind narrowing vision.

There are extreme levels of perfectionism and variations on the theme. The strict guidelines lived, can be seen as intolerance. Often robbing life of achievements and satisfaction tainting successes as outcomes (seen by perfectionist’s mind) as not good enough. Invariably perfectionists can be missing out on the Joy’s and pleasures life can bring. 

Narrow focus and mind driven, perfectionists are constantly setting goals for themselves to achieve success, consumed by the perfect outcome.  

Perfectionism can be a hard taskmaster. High standards with constant levels of dissatisfaction with self and life in general. Individuals become overwhelmed and live anxiety from perfectionism. In their mind, goals are constantly out of reach.  Burnout is often involved as they strive for better results. Perfectionism is challenging in relationships and office interactions. Large and small disappointments are involved. Logic is missing in most scenarios, with dominant mind controls and skewed goals.

People and life in general, don’t come up to scratch with perfectionism mind control. As interactions fall short of the perfectionist expectations and goals.  A challenge to work with and require tonnes of tolerance to live with. Perfectionists can give the impression nothing is right. Not satisfied with outcomes and over critical of self. The other side of the coin with perfectionism mindsets is they give up. Overwhelmed with exhaustion from mind dominance and failure, individuals won’t try, ‘no point’. Disappointment taints everything. Depression, sabotage, subjugation and victim behaviour becomes underlying dominant factors. 

In 1-2-1 sessions, and training I find perfectionism at the back of people’s disappointments in life. Not only are they hard taskmasters to themselves they can overshadow others achievements. With critism of not good enough. Could do better etc., Even the simplest task can involve critism. Perfectionists can be overbearing at times. As everything has to be ordered and perfect around them.  Living the over analytical mind. Perfectionism can be related to OCD in extreme cases, with the drive for the perfect environment etc.,

Perfectionists make a rod for their own back, make more work for themselves as others can’t do it right and they take over the task. Irrational behaviour can involve isolation and challenges personal relationships. Mind sees people as flawed, live unordered ways, imperfections not tolerated by perfectionists mind.

The daft thing is that nothing is perfect even in those who live by perfectionism.

In fact, in many ways.. more flawed! Rigid in thought and action. Instead of bending and weaving through life, their behaviour becomes stoic and rigid outlooks and actions.

There is no accounting for how the mind works in people. We are all different led by our mind’s action and controls. When looking at the perfectionist’s life and standards, the answers when I ask ‘what does perfectionism do to you?’ some of the replies are feeling isolation, stagnant. Behind the behaviour of the perfectionist is fear of failure. Not getting it right. Fear of punishment. Critism is also a factor for the perfectionist. They don’t like critism. But happy to give it!

Archetypes are behaviour patterns seeped in fear and vulnerability, formed from unhappiness. Perfectionism can be linked to the myrter, sacrifice and slave consciousness. Archetypal patterns and mind dominance controls us more that we appreciate. Rules us daily. Takes the enjoyment out of life.  Keeps people in an unhappy dissatisfied state. Media, internet, TV give false realities, brainwashing society to the unattainable, forming constant dissatisfaction of life. 

Perfectionism has roots in conditioning and authoritive environments, parents and/or critism. Conditioned from a young age, families seeped in historical military, ritual and religion. Perfectionism and pleaser often go hand in hand. Dominant traits ruling mind and subconscious. The more we live perfectionism the more brainwashed we become, in a narrow world of mind dominance unable to see outside of the box. Mind locks us into a deep over analytical state.

It is time to liberate the mind.

We don’t realise the mind control we live.

The subconscious traits we automatically engage in. Dominance of the mind and the credence we give it.

Get your life back and recover your ZEST of Life. Put you back in the driving seat of mind.

Learn how to change mental health conditioning; ‘How to’ answers with personal change. Over 2-days learn skills to avoid and prevent behaviour archetypal. 

Where methods are used to unravel mind conditioning, releasing dominance of old.

Once released enjoy the benefits of life and achievements. Success is achievable, feeling the adrenal release of Oxytocin bringing satisfaction and contentment.

Body and mind can relax out of dominance and stuck merry go round of mind.

Happiness in self and life with ZEST OF LIFE skills.


Joy Wisdom


ZEST of Life induction – Mind and Emotions

Open to anyone no previous experience required.

Professional standard and CPD training




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