Opening the SACRED HeARt

New advancement for the HeARt Chakras - opening the SACRED HeARt ! Diamond Inguz LiGHt Healing enhances Heart Essence: improves the balance and ratio, rhythm and pulse of the Heart Chakra. Opening the Sacred Heart (second Heart Chakra) is a gift of DILH allowing us to connect to the celestial or human angel aspects, the true essence of us. As our consciousness expands in the higher frequencies of LiGHt we were receiving altering and enhancing our energetic structure. The Energetic function needed support to accommodate the changes.   With the changes of frequency is allowing reactivation or literal rewiring of our Auric fields, especially hitting the emotional and mental bodies: Emotional 1-3 inches from the physical and mental body 3-8inches from our physical bodies.  A subtle process which would be unique for each individual. Pushing us to link and connect to our Heart chakra and our especially our Sacred Heart (otherwise known in some circles as our higher chakra) the interface between the physical and non-physical aspect of ourselves. At this time in our history many old issues were being processed through our energetic systems especially the chakras, as it is the closest to our human frame. As the physical and energetic systems work as ONE it is not a surprise that the physical will be taking the brunt of the changes.   It is easy to change the energetic but the integration into the physical is what takes the time and effort to integrate, attune and alter as one complete system. While this is taking place we can feel very out of kilter. We were moving from a 3D perspective of living (which was living and loving conditionally) into a 4D living matter of unconditional love. The Sacred Heart only works with unconditional love.   It is linked to the 12th Chakra Christ Consciousness.  The Sacred Heart opening can be a long road of learning for cultures and individuals and here we were being catapulted into another dimension of parameters (unknown by the majority of the population) but being influenced all the same. Looking back I can see now why Diamond Inguz LiGHt Healing was given to the planet. To help slice back time for individuals. Instead of going through a long journey of awakening (which has been the norm for generations and centuries), DILH can jettison the individual through the process with clearing the blockages and barriers around the self and energetics especially the Heart Chakras.   Survival and harsh living has taken its toll on many of us, with literal life influences and events closing the 4th heart chakra from an early age.   So how were we going to open the Sacred heart when the 4th was closed? How could we connect to our I AM presence when the Heart is closed?  There is no link or avenue of connection as all is locked down.   DILH has a way of opening the energetics.  With the emotional clearing received in the workshop it’s magical action starts to dissolve the survival barriers in place to allow the individual to feel (sometimes for the first time).  It is certainly wonderment to watch this process as each Heart chakra enfolds into function.   The action of opening the Heart Chakra and especially the Sacred Heart (that holds the spark of Christ Consciousness in the 2nd Heart Chakra) alters consciousness for the individual and enhances consciousness for humanity, essentially we all feel the difference being around people who are living and breathing from their Sacred Heart, which emanates compassion and forgiveness for the self as well as others. The Sacred heart opening is profound and still amazes me watching the individuals embracing a part of themselves that has been dormant and unable to function due to emotional and mental fallout from life keeping them entrapped in Groundhog Day replay.    Opening the Sacred Heart sets individuals free, liberates them from the old consciousness and embraces the Aquarian energy of peace and LOVE.  Who in their right mind would want to turn their backs on this gift to humanity? Raises personal frequency and consciousness.  But also radiates out to others to help them raise their resonance and consciousness. Diamond Inguz LiGHt Healing contains Galactic consciousness and particles of LiGHt codes for individuals awakening and humanities advancement.
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