Opalescence message

I wanted to share the amazing experience we all had on Opalescence LiGHt Healing weekend 1-3rd September in Leeds 

Amazing, profound and AWSOME are some of the words used… also NO words, flabbergasted and WOW, students were lost for words.  

It is a challenge to sum up as the abundance and changes received, mammoth in size and receiving.  Greatness was achieved for all who attended. I guess we have been used to superficial levels of attainment.   Joy does not do superficial in her programmes, courses or workshops.  The REAL deal of connections, transformational inner change and improvements to the inner Quantum, is what all receive.   

The benefits of the LiGht Healing programme are experiential, transformational and wonderous. There is nothing like it and proved positive to all who attended the three-days.

The second level of the power of 3. 

ONE love



With the Lion’s gate enhancements and Cosmic tone entering our consciousness, the benefits and abundance of Opalescence raised to new heights. Unprecedented connections and enhancements included Ascended Master and Divine Feminine embellishments together with Angelic realm and Celestial openings to cosmic levels of attainment.  Soul and LiGHt family connections were profound and unique.  Various messages of support and encouragement were given and received, guidance assured (as shared on social media).

The most profound for all were the Twin Flame sacred union realignment of masculine and feminine.  The souls goal fulfilled, with joyous reuniting. 

Unique, exceptional and profound were the experiences, with ongoing connections. We don’t just visit, what is the point of that.  We want to live the wonders of the Power-of-3 and Opalescence fulfils all levels of attainment.  

Start your journey of the Power of 3 (entry level) ONE Love Diamond Inguz LiGHt Healing and connect to the Diamond codes of change, joining us in the shift of ages programme. 

The Diamond grid of support and daily enhancements activated in 2010, upshifted 2018.

All you need to do is turn up  
Manual, CPD certificate: Free DVD

Times 10-5.30pm  daily 

Bring blanket and pillow for clearings and activations
See dates on website

Founder Joy Wisdom    info@alonus.co.uk

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