Newsletter Spring 2017

We have stepped up a gear in our evolution in 2017: A lot of purging went on over the Christmas period with many people having to take to their beds missing the festivities, those who missed over Christmas succumbed as we went into the New Year. Flawed I believe is the only word to describe the level of clearing that went on. As we enter the spring there is another shift upwards to change consciousness and enhance energetics. We had synchronistic alignment adding amplified Crystalline Solar frequencies cascading to earth, powerful 5th Dimensional energies of change. The Snow Moon, a Lunar Eclipse and a New Year Comet all happened within 10th -11th February, a monumental occurrence helping us to advance internally and externally. 2017 is a year of digging deep for those areas of fear, Karma and lack we have not dealt with, coming to the fore very quickly. Almost instantly in some cases, out of the blue, forcing us to deal with unwanted ways of living. Pulling out of the quick sand or eons of stuck in the mud scenarios. Universally it is time to set free. 2017 is all about enhanced communication – your truth and how you express with others. Those who have lived suppressive lives (common in religion, cultures and history) will be pushed to jettison fear and speak out. Which is what has been happening with UK Brexit and USA elections. The crystalline Solar frequencies will be targeting the head, neck, ears, jaw and throat. Upper body blockages or limitation or separation within. Hence the headaches, chestiness, virus, cold and flu symptoms. 2017 is a time to be seen, heard and listened to. Through Inherited Generational Trauma and Absorption (IGTA) highlighting fear, secrecy, silence and suspicion, lack of Trust and Faith, that has been deposited within us through the ages. Keeping the self-small in the world, know your place etc., which has come in lots of packages. Still ruling and defaulting, keeping us in the Status Quo. Evolution has to move on and while we as individuals and cultures propagate smallness it is not acceptable in the Aquarian Age. It has to go. IGTA has stunted our growth through evolution. I did advise my D.A.R.E practitioners to expect for themselves and their clients and deal with as much as possible before the end of the year. 2017 can be described as a Tsunami ensuring all is cleared once and for all, increasing momentum as we move more into the year. Energetically a kick up the backside to deal with barriers, limitation and old roles anchored within us. IGTA is also linked to the old ways being shown for us to deal with and sweep away. Make it smooth. My advice, arrange your D.A.R.E sessions don’t live the chaos deal with it instantly. Details of Practitioners are on the web site. Joy is available for one to one sessions by appointment only.
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