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Get your life back with D.A.R.E Induction, see dates on website.
Awaken the inner Bodhi – end transgression to Nirvana 
In Hinduism and Buddhism, a klesha is a negative mental state that clouds the mind causing suffering and the conditions for suffering to arise. In the western world we call it mind sets; ‘Schemas’ set emotional behaviour, forming archetypal behaviours action and reaction. We have many networks, with cause and effect outcomes from mind and emotions. 
In Buddhist teachings, they prophecy we hold three poisons:
1. Ignorance 
2. Attachment
3. Aversion 
Primary causes that keep sentient beings trapped in samsara. (the cycle of death and rebirth to which life in the material world is bound). The three poisons are said to be the root of all of the other klesas. And how right they are. (Kleśa is a term from Indian philosophy meaning a "poison").
The skew and poisoning of body-mind are greater than we know. Past life influences and IGTA historical influences, karma are part of Samsara.
Enjoy inner de-tox, rewire and receive personal transformation fromD.A.R.E Induction to an easier life. A personal transformational programme to turn your life around.
Do you D.A.R.E?  What we do today has an impact on our future lives. As our past (lives) have impact upon today (our present life) We are the creation our past, present and future 
Induction is the entry level for D.A.R.E Foundation training
Foundation: F1 / F2 - see information on website
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Video D.A.R.E & Health - See website and You tubeDARE Intro Mental Health - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5Z-PT2UBuMU
DARE 11.30min- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xO7b-TCQbus
Become a Body-Mind -Emotion Body Whisper practitioner. Find the hidden picture of inner reality of health. Expert Joy Wisdom teaches new concepts to Utero formation and emotional, mental factors lived. 
Do you D.A.R.E?
Dissolve and Resolve Emotions (D.A.R.E) is the new cutting edge exciting approach to health disorders. Championing faster solutions to mental and emotional issues. Anxiety, depression and adverse trauma. Pain can be linked to our emotions and in these scenarios we need to eliminate core issues before emotional pain goes away. 
Y suffered with fatigue and depression for years after x 2 DARE sessions she reports.  "I have felt so well since the last session.  I'm not depressed. The fear has pretty much gone too.....husband noticed the difference, he says  I am a different person.  I do feel different. I feel so much lighter and loads more rational.  It's incredible, what a difference D.A.R.E is making.  I feel much more able to be in the now than ever before.  It's miraculous" 
For practitioner training D.A.R.E Induction is the first stage of training. 
Although open to anyone no previous experience required. Anyone and everyone can benefit from Induction. Where inner transformation occurs daily. Mind is retrained and emotional defaults dissolved. New skills, bigger picture education, an asset for every modality. Hidden aspects explained involved in health disorders. Even as practitioners we hold our own baggage. Joy advocates we need to deal with our issues before we can help others. Induction is all part of the liberation of the individual learning more about themselves and their clients needs. Ensuring we are all on the same page to step into D.A.R.E foundation training.
The new revolutionary transformational package championing alternative approaches to get your life back. A fast track way to ditch the past and set you free.  Profound and amazing solutions with answers to our behaviour and defaults. We are more than the physical and live Transference from utero, overveiling from previous trauma, fitting like a glove. Weakness remains in body-mind-emotional basis defaulting to previous traumas and behaviour. Hidden factors driving health issues, irrational fears and depression.  Are you on the treadmill of life with low self-esteem or abundance? Creating or destroying life daily? 
Entry D.A.R.E Practitioners Foundation training.  See videos.  
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CPD approved: Includes - Manuals, Certificates, Book, 4-hour DVD and (Induction FREE DVD & 3 CD's for home tuition). Support method tutorials and share options. 
No previous experience required.  CMA registered college
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D.A.R.E Practitioner's Therapy is a Registered Training School with CMA. CPD approved. 
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