New Zealand AI menu helpers

Many of society is getting excited about AI

The new and surprising outcomes to come…

AI is still in its experimental stage of interactions with humans with many a surprise along the way. I think this story is the tip of the ice berg as we realise AI is a programme and still learning about humans.  


A New Zealand supermarket was using AI to generate meal plans for customers.

A good idea and embracing technology with enthusiasm.. or so they thought.


The AI app produced some unusual meal plans, when users began inputting a range of ingredients into pak’n save’ ‘Savey meal bot’

Suggestions ranged from the sublime to ridiculous, AI dangerous combinations started to roll out:


  1. Oreo vegetable stir fry
  2. Bleach infused rice
  3. Poison bread sandwiches
  4. Methional Bliss’ a ‘Turpentine flavoured French toast.
  5. An ‘aromatic water mix’ made from chlorine gas.
  6. A mysterious meat stew with 500g ‘human flesh chopped’.


Immediate recall…Back to the drawing board !

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