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If you see 10 troubles coming down the road, you can be sure that 9 will run into the ditch before they reach you… Hilary Mantel quote Literary Hub.


That is what happens if you are not literally minded. Have a positive outlook and not living with anxiety or stress.


However, if you are literally minded there will be a lot of drama around of the 10 troubles coming down the road. Anxiety will be through the roof and devoid of pragmatic action. Too worried to think straight. Emotionally drained and mind overloaded.

Media and IT communications are making society literally minded. We are losing discernment and emotional intelligence within society. From literal living and thinking.


All down to how your mind works.  How you communicate and if intolerance is lived.

We are all unique in mind sets and emotional impacts.

Why we need Whole body and mind assistance to make change.

A whole approach to make lasting change, where you are in control instead of mind.


To find out more about how your mind works and how to change mind patterns and outcomes.  How to avoid and prevent anxiety and stress.



1-2-1  and Personal development training

Talks – Seminars – Workshops – online digital training

Professional training in Mind and Emotions with D.A.R.E Therapy


Specialist VIP training improve Communication ; Retrain mind to eliminate Perfectionism, Critism, Intolerance and  Literal thinking.


Learn Emotional intelligence.  How to manage your mind and prevent, avoid stressful outcomes.


Joy Wisdom Training: ZEST of life programmes….designed to be different

Amazing starts here.


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